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"Danza y Movimiento" is living through a change - and there are still some CDs and also DVDs in our shop, which are ready for immediate delivery! In order... » 

Legal people-to-people tour to Cuba for teachers in August
Additional programm for everyone who is bound by school holidays: For teachers and other people having holidays in August, we included an additional group... » 

Current group journeys to Cuba 2015/2016
Learn and practise salsa in a small group attended by a Cuban guide. Our programme for dance and music is unique worldwide and it offers a high quality level.... » 

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Welcome to Danza y Movimiento! We invite you to a world of latin american music, culture and dance. Get into contact with others and with yourself!

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"We offer legal people-to-people group tours with music and dance workshops in Havana, Cuba for US residents"

There are few possibilities for US residents to experience Cuban culture through its music going a legal way to Cuba. The programm you can find with us is the only legal one we know with any company in the world and which will bring you directly into the world of Cuban salsa and Percussion accompanied by highly qualified teachers and living in a direct contact to Cuban people. Read more ...

Juan d'Arienzo <br>
El Simpatico
Elvis Crespo <br>
One Flag Roberto Firpo <br> Tristeza criolla
Juan d'Arienzo
El Simpatico

Tango Época de Oro

Elvis Crespo
One Flag

Merengue suavemente

Roberto Firpo
Tristeza criolla

Only one of more than 315 tango albums for download in mp3 or FLAC!

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