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Here you will find a selection of titles, which you can get from us including ALL rights. This will mean, that we are able to give you the publishing rights AND the rights of the audio. You do need to ask only us and not anyone else to use the music of the titles in this selection.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail.


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Title Category Composer Author v/i mp3
La ridicula Tangojazz Rivera ins. yes
La senda es larga y hay que andar Salsa Monestel Monestel voc. yes
Las gentes estan del diablo Bachata Alcala Alcala voc. yes
Leales y pampeanos Tango Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Let's tango Tango Ashjian ins. yes
Limones Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Llamame cuando sueñes Bolero Monestel Monestel voc. yes
Llamarada Aire de Música Folclórica Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Lo que pasa Tango Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Los pollitos Son Faez Faez voc. yes
Luna desnuda / Luna svestita Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Lyon Tango Stazo ins. yes
Macondo Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
MagaliTango Tango Schwenkglenks ins. yes
MagaliVals Vals Schwenkglenks ins. yes
MagaMilonga Milonga Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Magic Nippes Musette Langenberg ins. yes
Magisch Nippes 1 Film Langenberg ins. yes
Magisch Nippes 2 Film Langenberg ins. yes
Mambo del siglo XXI Mambo Gonzalez "Ilukan" Gonzalez "Ilukan" voc. yes