Palmera - One Stop

Here you will find a selection of titles, which you can get from us including ALL rights. This will mean, that we are able to give you the publishing rights AND the rights of the audio. You do need to ask only us and not anyone else to use the music of the titles in this selection.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by mail.


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Title Category Composer Author v/i mp3
Margarita Tangojazz Rivera ins. yes
Maria Calypso Salsa Monestel Monestel voc. yes
Marlon's Dream Bandoneon solo Langenberg ins. yes
Martes 13 Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Medusa Musette Langenberg ins. yes
Mentiras Merengue Alcala Alcala voc. yes
Mi Angel Samba Langenberg ins. yes
Mi margarita Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Milonga con Salsa Milonga Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Milonga de la Colorada Tango Smet ins. yes
Milonga en La Tango Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Milonguitarra Milonga Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Mirar el mar Son Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Mochilas en la oscuridad Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Moloca Elektrotango Imhorst ins. yes
Monito contenton Merengue Swing Swing voc. yes
Mujer buscame la cucca Merengue Alcala Alcala voc. yes
Navidad En Buenos Aires Tango Langenberg ins. yes
Niña Son Faez Faez voc. yes
Nostalgic Tango Ashjian Ashjian voc. yes