2001 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   Latin News for Christmas
   Latin News Video
   Dym - Tango - News 4/2001

2002 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   Latin News for the beginning 2002
   DYM Tango News English 1/2002
   DYM Latin News English 2/2002
   DYM - Tango - News - English 2/2002
   DYM Tango News English 3/2002
   DYM Latin News English 4/2002
   Concerts and a late Easter egg
   DYM Latin News English 5/ 2002
   We have got a new home!
   Greetings from Hamburg
   Latin News English 22.08.2002
   DYM Tango News English 23.08.2002
   news danza y movimiento 30.08.2002 (e)
   DYM Tango News English 19/09/2002
   Tango and Literature
   + DYM Tango News English 26/09/2002
   DYM Latin and Tango News 03/10/02
   even better!
   DYM Tango News English 06/11/2002
   some ideas for christmas presents
   isaac delgado cd arrived!
   Tango- and Salsanews 23.11.2002
   shortly before christmas ...

2003 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   Danza y Movimiento parla l' italiano ....
   New Travel Page / 10 Years DYM
   Brazilian News
   Super Latin Bargains
   Tango News
   Silvio Rodriguez / Los Van Van
   Nothing to sell ...
   More news from Danza y Movimiento ...
   New Cuban Compilation!
   New CDs arrived!
   Newsmail 13.3.03 English
   New courses in Cuba!
   New cd Ibrahim Ferrer
   New Tango CDs
   CD - News
   DYM - information 12th of april
   News from Buenos Aires
   Not only for Salseros: VIP - Travel
   New and interesting: Tango
   Have a nice weekend!
   "El Tranvia" on tour
   Brazilian News!
   What I am glad about ... DYM - News
   DYM - Newsletter 17th of May
   AFRICANDO - this one and more new CDs
   “A journey to the inner self”
   Yuri Buenaventura, Fruko and more ...
   Luis Borda and more Tango ...
   Tango travel to Buenos Aires!
   New CD "Vamos!"
   Fernandez Fierro - innovation from Buenos Aires
   "Los Van Van" and more ...
   Cuba - still more individually!
   Tango course now available on DVD
   Winners and salsafestival
   Summer - CDs
   Spanish classes in Cuba and Argentina
   Celia Cruz
   Tango Festival Hamburg and new CDs
   Salsa - Newsmail from 23rd of August
   DYM - Brazilian News from 29th of August
   DYM Newsmail- Italy + CD- winners
   DYM - Newsmail New Cuban CDs
   DYM - Newsmail Salsa from 12.09.03
   DYM - Newsmail 20. September: Cuba is calling!
   DYM - News: Schwenkglenks y los Gringos del Tango
   New Adalberto Alvarez CD and Salsa Videos
   DYM - News 14th of October: Salsa and Tropical
   DYM - Tangonews 3rd of november
   DYM - News 4th of november
   DYM - Salsanews 15th of November
   DYM - Tangonews 18th of november
   DYM - Salsanews 6th of December
   DYM - Tangonews 9th of december

2004 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   December 1st: New travel blocks for Argentina and Cuba
   DYM - newsmail / survey and a chance to win a CD
   DYM - Newsmail 27th of January
   DYM - Tangonews 29th of January
   DYM-Salsamail 31st of January
   DYM - News 4th of february
   DYM - Tangonews 21st of february
   DYM - News Brasil 21st of february
   DYM - Newsmail 2nd of march
   DYM - Salsanews 16th of March
   DYM - Tangonews 19th of March
   DYM - Newsmail 2nd of april
   DYM - Tangonews 6th of April
   DYM - News 19th of April
   Merengue - News 24th of April
   DYM - Tangonews 08th of May
   Salsanews 21st of May
   DYM - Newsmail 12th of June / Brasil
   DYM - Newsmail 14th of June / Travel
   DYM - Tangonews 24th of June
   DYM - Newsmail 2nd of July
   DYM - Salsanews 9th of July
   DYM - Tangonews 15th of July
   DYM - Newsmail / How high should the expenses for music be?
   DYM - Newsletter 1st of August 2004
   DYM - Salsanews 5th of August
   DYM - Tangonews 12th of August
   DYM - Tangonews 19th of August
   Top-Merengue-CD; Festivals in Cuba Autumn 2004
   DYM-Tangonews "Classical meets modern tango"
   Juan Luis Guerra, Ilegales and more tropical news
   Travel Information: Important Deadlines!
   September 17th: Look back on last summer
   September 21st: New instructional DVD and new CDs from Buenos Aires
   September 24th: DYM-Tango-Refresh
   September 27th: New CDs: Salsa, Merengue and Fruko-Tropical
   September 29th: Tango today, suprising new CDs
   October, 9th: New DYM-survey with a chance to win a CD
   October 12th: Gotan Project, Milonga-DVD and more
   October 13th: Jimmy Bosch, Willi Chirino and some Bachata
   October 21st: Klaus Johns
   October 24th: Downloads - Rescue out of the Music Crisis?
   November 8th: The winners of our survey and more news ...
   November 11th: Caceres and Chill Out - new Tango Cds
   November 23rd: Tango Calendar 2005 and Tango book
   November 25th: The TOP 10 of new latin music
   December 12th: Some information about us ...
   December 10th: Tango-Newsmail in two parts
   December 20th: DYM-news just before Christmas...

2005 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   05.01.2005: Salsa and the culture of contact
   12.01.2005: Tono Rosario - Joe Veras - Charlie Cruz ...
   19.01.2005: The new welcome area of our website
   25.01.2005: Kevin Johansen - TANGHETTO - Orquesta El Arranque
   09.02.2005: New DYM-CDs and the winners ...
   18.02.2005: Journeys, Concerts and Grammys
   09.03.2005: Van Van, Orishas, Richard Galiano, Silvana Deluigi ...
   24.03.2005: Vico C, Yumuri, Ryota Komatsu San Telmo Lounge
   25.03.2005: Danza y Movimientos' new welcome page
   07.04.2005: Havana Power Band Tango Desatado and the winner of April...
   13.04.2005: New Year's Eve… this time in Cuba!
   20.04.2005: Latin- snd TangoNews from Daddy Yankee to Kevin Johansen
   04.05.2005: Afro Cuban All Stars, Javier Garcia, Chayanne...
   18.05.2005: Winners, new raffle, holidays, journeys
   20.05.2005: CD&DVD: Bebo Valdes, Ismael Miranda, Quadro Nuevo ...
   15.06.2005: Shakira, Neotango, Otros Aires und mehr ...
   27.06.2005: Caceres, Tango Crash, Ivy Queen and more cds ...
   01.07.2005: Cuba Salsa, Cuba Drums and Brazil ...
   12.07.2005: new service, new cds and a winner ...
   25.07.2005: Dancing in Italy in the fall
   28.07.2005: Eddie Palmierie, La India, Tony Touch, Glory ...
   23.08.2005: Yerba Buena, Maraca, Sara Valenzuela ...
   02.09.2005: Speedy, Zacarias Ferreira, Tiempo Libre, 3 Soneros ...
   09.09.2005: Havana Jazz Festival, Tango on video clips (DVD), Vamos!
   20.09.2005: Jazz festival Havana 2005, Salsa in Italy, Tango in Italy
   22.09.2005: Big Boy, Yumuri, Adalberto Alvarez, Latin Lounge, Reyes del Tango ...
   17.10.2005: The DyM-Club is online!
   20.10.2005: Jürgen Schwenkglenks, Chi Chi Peralta, Seu Jorge, Willy Chirino
   25.10.2005: Tango-Special New Vals-DVD
   03.11.2005: Important changes in our shop!
   10.11.2005: N'Klabe, Alex Cuba Band, Salsaband, Andy Aguilera ...
   21.11.2005: Special information only for active customers!
   23.11.2005: Orquesta La Palabra, Roots of Electronic Tango, Daniela Mercury ...
   28.11.2005: Gotan Project, Grupo Niche, Tropicalia, Tango 2006 in Italy
   05.12.2005: Special issue travel and film music "12 Tangos"
   09.12.2005: Easter in Cuba, Salsa and Yoga in Italy, Tanghetto, Tito Nieves, Nelly Omar
   19.12.2005: Salsahits, Merenhits, Bachatahits, Reggeatonhits 2006, The Tango Club Night

2006 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   09.01.2006: Turn of the year
   10.01.2006: Let's go 2006!
   25.01.2006:First New Releases 2006
   07.02.2006: New CDs from Brasil and more ...
   14.02.2006: Blas Rivera, Surprise offer, Prizes!
   05.03.2006: Malevo Sound Project, Latin de Amor Vol. 2 ...
   14.03.2006: Let us know your wishes
   17.03.2006: Our first DyM-DVD!
   04.04.2006: Sin Palabra con Voz, Gilberto Santa Rosa...
   10.04.2006: Lots of News!
   21.04.2006: Sales promotion regarding the World Cup 2006...
   26.04.2006: New CDs briefly...
   28.04.2006: Individual travelling with DyM!
   03.05.2006: New CDs and DVDs
   16.05.2006: Tango Saloon, Caceres, Axe Bahia 2006...
   24.05.2006: Victor Manuell, Andy Montanez, "Lady Salsa"...
   06.06.2006: Reggaeton, Cuba, Salsa group travel, winners
   09.06.2006: Help us to create a new Vamos-CD!
   14.06.2006: Narcotango and DVDs from Colombia
   05.07.2006: New Vamos!-CD, Tango News, Winner
   13.07.2006: Questions and answers
   03.08.2006: New delivery service, last Tango vacancies
   08.08.2006: CDRom world novelty, Salsa Festival Berlin
   17.08.2006: General Mail: Our webshop and its background ...
   13.09.2006: New CDs, dance salsa, DyM-chat, winners ...
   21.09.2006: Ecuador, Christmas, Tango (?) and Reggaeton ...
   19.10.2006: Tango News - not only for tango fans ...
   10.11.2006: New Latin Hits, Tango-Video Final Sale
   23.11.2006: Tango- bitter and sweet, Latin Evergreens, Christmas

2007 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   10.01.2007: New Salsa-CDs, new Tango-CDs, Tanghetto Tour
   18.01.2007: Salsa, Tango, Descarga order service
   01.02.2007: We will move!
   27.02.2007: Hamburg is beautiful, new CDs from Brazil, Tango Electrónico, Tango in Italy
   08.03.2007: New Tango-CD, Top Offer for Club-members
   19.03.2007: New Tango CD by Tango Fuego, Recommendations at the DyM shop
   23.03.2007: Annual Compilations 2007 for Salsa, Merengue and Bachata now in stock
   04.04.2007: Latin CDs and Tango-CD
   18.04.2007: New CD by Otros Aires, Latin Samplers 2007
   25.04.2007: Some presents from our part ...
   27.04.2007: New CD with Yiddish Tango, Narcotango Tour Europe 2007
   22.05.2007: New CDs: Latin/ Tango, Gotan Project European Tour
   01.06.2007: DyMLog, Workshop, Issac Delgado, Brazil
   08.06.2007: Elvis Crespo, Spanish Harlem Orquestra, Ensemble Libertango
   29.06.2007: Group journey Cuba, CDs from Colombia, Kevin Johansen
   24.07.2007: Orientation, Chavela Vargas, Raffle, Cuba now
   16.08.2007: Some entertainment for the holiday season...
   21.08.2007: Do you value our music shop 175,000 Euro?
   24.08.2007: New Latin CDs, Tango DVD-Box
   31.08.2007: Tango bargains, Cuba CDs, Tango DVDs
   04.09.2007: News at DyM-music-shop
   19.09.2007: DyM-News: Important dates
   25.09.2007: Tango vinyl series, Sabá Tango book, Gloria Estefan, Manu Chao
   28.09.2007: New device in our music shop
   15.10.2007: Bajofondo, Más Tango DVD, Latin CDs
   29.10.2007: Caceres, Salsa in Cuba Easter 2008
   07.11.2007: Backorder service, new CDs Tango and Latin
   15.11.2007: Hit sampler 2008 and Tango waltzes
   26.11.2007: New service, new CDs
   05.12.2007: New Tango and Latin CDs for Christmas ...
   20.12.2007 DyM-News on the 20/12 - travel, workshops, turn of the year

2008 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   16.01.2008: Salsa and Tango News
   28.01.2008: Che Guevara DVD, Latin + Tango
   05.02.3008: Travels - Specials for Tango and Salsa
   11.02.2008: Finnish tango and Latin News
   27.02.2008: Tango Special
   05.03.2008: Electrotango and Salsa News
   26.03.2008: German Tango, Latin News, Melingo on Tour
   15.04.2008: Latin News, Tanghetto and Melingo
   29.05.2008: Electrotango, Football Tropical, Tango in Italy
   06.06.2008: Cinema from Cuba, Portuondo & Bethania, Tango Crash
   18.06.2008: Cuba various ...
   24.06.2008: Salsa and Tango News
   24.07.2008: Summer special with 20% price reduction!
   14.08.2008: Manolito, Klimax, Orishas, Anna Saeki
   26.08.2008: Group Journeys 2008/2009
   28.08.2008: Arranque, Hugo Díaz, Salsa DVD
   18.09.2008: Sonata Tanguera, new Salsa-CD-series, Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires
   25.09.2008: Tangolectron, DBN-News
   30.09.2008: Tango, Dance and Spanish - new offers
   16.10.2008: Gotan Project, Oscar d'Leon, Tango Club Vol.2
   23.10.2008: Tango with Urbango, Bachata news
   30.10.2008: Tango news, Cinema from Cuba
   20.11.2008: Tango dancing, CD Tango à Trois
   27.11.2008: Holidays! Cuba on CD, Tango from Rumania
   05.12.2008: Latin Sampler 2009, Gotan Project Box
   09.12.2008: New CD by Stazo Mayor, Latin News

2009 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   13.01.2009: Otros Aires, last videos
   23.01.2009: Travel Specials
   03.02.2009: Electrotango and Salsa Brava
   12.02.2009: Salsa news and a new tango star!
   04.03.2009: Cuba special
   17.03.2009: Latin News
   01.04.2009: Cuba, Urban Latin
   07.05.2009: Tango and travels
   27.05.2009: Salsa-CD, Salsa-Festival
   11.06.2009: Salsa-CDs, Mercedes Sosa, A night in....
   25.06.2009: Salsa Internationale
   21.07.2009: Tango festival Hamburg, Arabtango, Latin News
   09.09.2009: Juan d'Arienzo, DVD: Argentina/Flamenco/Brazil
   31.10.2009: Cuba, Spain, Italy - Travel News
   04.11.2009: Bajofondo, Latin News, new DyM employee
   25.11.2009: New instructional tango DVD; Cuarteto Rotterdam CD

2010 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   07.01.2010: Our travel highlights for March 2010
   24.02.10: Ricardo and Rotraut, Jasstango, Rarotango, Tanghetto
   23.03.10: New Latin-American CDs / Tango Trip to Buenos Aires
   27.04.10: Gotan Project, etango, las Sombras, Quinteto Angel, Vals DVD
   04.05.10: Salsa festival "Baila en Cuba" 2010!
   08.06.10: Argentina - old and new delights!
   22.06.10: Football and Tango
   13.08.2010: In the middle of summer...
   05.10.10: More travel news...
   03.11.10: Italy 2011
   21.12.2010: Now here's some real news...

2011 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   22.01.2011: Tango Classics
   09.02.2011: The latest news in few words
   14.04.2011: 12 new tango albums
   26.05.2011: Recommendations for Tango and Salsa
   21.06.2011: New Group Trip Deals
   19.07.2011: Siguiendo "Tango Classics"
   01.08.2011: From Helsinki to Buenos Aires
   16.08.2011: Downloads, Downloads, Downloads!!!
   25.08.2011: Downloads reloaded!!!
   01.09.2011: Downloads 3.0...
   29.09.2011: Salsa is Back!

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