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Title Category Composer Author v/i mp3
22 de Septiembre Tango Stazo ins. yes
A mi Esposa Tango Stazo ins. yes
Adios Buenos Aires (orig. Eduardo Arolas) Tango Fiorentini ins. yes
Agnus dei; Epilogo: Requiem aeternam Classics Polese voc. yes
Agordo Elektrotango Imhorst ins. yes
al-ballad Jazz Etno Polese ins. yes
al-blues Jazz Etno Polese ins. yes
al-final Jazz Etno Polese ins. yes
Anhelo Tango Nuevo Taborda ins. yes
Aprende to walk Rock Montero Hernandez Montero Hernandez voc. yes
Aroma a manzanas Son Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Arrancos MPB Schwenkglenks ins. yes
Baguala de la Brisa Tango Baro ins. yes
Balacera en Calacali Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Bar El Ramo Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Benedictus Classics Polese voc. yes
Bernard and Jane Tangojazz Rivera ins. yes
Bigote del gato Son Faez Faez voc. yes
Borbon Tropical Caleris Caleris voc. yes
Bossandoneon Bossa Langenberg ins. yes