Amaya, David

Gitanos De Buenos Aires

Genre: Flamenco
Label: Warner Bros. Duration: 36 min.
Code: wb096224
EAN: 825646962242

Gitanos De Buenos Aires

Flamenco with tango influences performed by David Amaya and gipsy musicians from Buenos Aires. Compositions by Amaya himself, but also well known songs by Carlos Gardel.



Detailed information on the titles

1 - reina del plata
david amaya

2 - mas de lo mismo
david amaya

3 - volver
david amaya/ diego torres

4 - gitanos porteños
david amaya

5 - melodias del zorzal
david amaya/ niña pastori

6 - carmen
david amaya/ jose mig.carmona

7 - por una cabeza
david amaya

8 - cancherito
david amaya

9 - retales
david amaya

10 - en una tarde
david amaya

11 - flamencuras
david amaya



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