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Selection field „Song-Genre“
As specialists for tango and other Latin American rhythms, we go into the details. What is called "Latin" in other databases is differentiated into more than 100 genres. You may never have heard of some genres before. Let us surprise you!

Checkbox „Instrumental“
If you mark this checkbox, only titles without vocals will be displayed.

Checkbox „Licence rights worldwide“
A filter for people who work professionally with music. It's about the rights to the recording itself. For a film, an advertisement or a theatre production it is nowadays mostly important to have rights of use for the whole world, since many media are no longer bound to countries or continents. We can assign rights for ALL more than 7000 titles in the music shop. For some titles (especially historical tango recordings) there are (a few) countries for which we have no rights. If you check this box, you will see (only) about 1300 titles for which we can grant the rights of use all over the world. However, before you decide on a title for your project, please ask again - we didn't check every single contract down to the last detail when assigning it to this selection.

Checkbox „Publishing rights worldwide“
Another checkbox for professionals. This is about the rights of composers and authors who have created a piece of music. It doesn't matter who recorded the title later or who will record it in the future - the authors will be involved, unless the term of protection for their work has expired. Permission to use these titles for commercial purposes is not granted by GEMA, SGAE, SADAIC or other copyright societies, as sometimes claimed. These rights can only be granted by the publisher as the author's representative. If you check this box, you will still receive far more than 200 hits. These are all titles with professional recordings and for which we can assign both the rights of the authors and the rights to the recording itself. Every commercial audiovisual project requires both - the copyright and the rights to the recording. Again, if you like a title, do not hesitate to ask, so we can look at the details of our contracts and thus give you legal certainty.