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Dear friends of Latin American and Caribbean music!

There is something new at Danza y Movimiento: Now also available: Excellent Salsa and Merengue instructional videos!

We have been able to offer you the very good Tango and Milonga videos by Ricardo and Nicole for quite a while. These videos are available in German, English and also Spanish.

Starting from today, we recommend the brilliant vedeos by Josie Neglia for learning Salsa and Merengue. The dancer living in Los Angeles is one of the few people who manages to transmit anything a man or a woman needs on the dancefloor: from the basic Salsa steps to a perfect stage performance.

The six different videos published so far have a different emphasis. The first three videos are linked closely in their methodical approach. They deal with basic steps, combinations, posture and expression.

There is a video especially designed for the female dancer, in which Josie Neglia explains the importance of posture and expression.

One video could be a perfect instrucion for a stage choreography, and thus is extremely recommendable for people interested in performing on stage.

Each video convinces for its excellent methodical structure and its high teaching and entertainig value.

The six instructional videos by Marlon Silva could be considered a supplement for the series by Josie Neglia. From our point-of-view they are quite useful to copy some interesting steps.

Both series are in English and in PAL-quality.

In order to facilitate finding our videos, there is a link on the starting page of our catalogue. Order numbers starting with VP indicate PAL-videos, order numbers starting with VN indicate NTSC-videos , which are not suitable for all European video recorders.

May we introduce our video page? There it is:

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