2004 News Tango Salsa Brazil CD DVD

   December 1st: New travel blocks for Argentina and Cuba
   DYM - newsmail / survey and a chance to win a CD
   DYM - Newsmail 27th of January
   DYM - Tangonews 29th of January
   DYM-Salsamail 31st of January
   DYM - News 4th of february
   DYM - Tangonews 21st of february
   DYM - News Brasil 21st of february
   DYM - Newsmail 2nd of march
   DYM - Salsanews 16th of March
   DYM - Tangonews 19th of March
   DYM - Newsmail 2nd of april
   DYM - Tangonews 6th of April
   DYM - News 19th of April
   Merengue - News 24th of April
   DYM - Tangonews 08th of May
   Salsanews 21st of May
   DYM - Newsmail 12th of June / Brasil
   DYM - Newsmail 14th of June / Travel
   DYM - Tangonews 24th of June
   DYM - Newsmail 2nd of July
   DYM - Salsanews 9th of July
   DYM - Tangonews 15th of July
   DYM - Newsmail / How high should the expenses for music be?
   DYM - Newsletter 1st of August 2004
   DYM - Salsanews 5th of August
   DYM - Tangonews 12th of August
   DYM - Tangonews 19th of August
   Top-Merengue-CD; Festivals in Cuba Autumn 2004
   DYM-Tangonews "Classical meets modern tango"
   Juan Luis Guerra, Ilegales and more tropical news
   Travel Information: Important Deadlines!
   September 17th: Look back on last summer
   September 21st: New instructional DVD and new CDs from Buenos Aires
   September 24th: DYM-Tango-Refresh
   September 27th: New CDs: Salsa, Merengue and Fruko-Tropical
   September 29th: Tango today, suprising new CDs
   October, 9th: New DYM-survey with a chance to win a CD
   October 12th: Gotan Project, Milonga-DVD and more
   October 13th: Jimmy Bosch, Willi Chirino and some Bachata
   October 21st: Klaus Johns
   October 24th: Downloads - Rescue out of the Music Crisis?
   November 8th: The winners of our survey and more news ...
   November 11th: Caceres and Chill Out - new Tango Cds
   November 23rd: Tango Calendar 2005 and Tango book
   November 25th: The TOP 10 of new latin music
   December 12th: Some information about us ...
   December 10th: Tango-Newsmail in two parts
   December 20th: DYM-news just before Christmas...

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