November 11th: Caceres and Chill Out - new Tango Cds

New Releases:
1. CACERES - Tango Clasico
2. LOS COSOS DE AL LAO - Japan-Tango-Tour

Dear friends of Tango Argentino!

Again we are gladly suprised about all these great new releases, that we are getting with every new delivery from Buenos Aires. Often some kind of trendy music-style (such like Tango/Chill Out or Tango/Electronic) is totally exhausted by each “more unknown” and “much better” compilation or new recording, and it is quite difficult to find out the REAL ONE.

We now have decided to present the following 4 CDs. Each of them is representing a different tango-style:

1. CACERES - Tango Clasico
We are starting with the frenchman Juan Carlos Caceres and his new disc “Tango Clasico” These mainly for piano arranged Tangos are coalescing with Caceres’s striking and husky voice and are accompanied by Bandoneon, Double-Bass and Violin. Even though the well known candombe-percussion and afro-rythms are not here, Caceres nevertheless takes a bow to all the classic tangos, that are enjoyable for listening and dancing as well.
Notable: 2 titels with JUAN JOSE MOSALINI (Bandoneon)

CACERES - Tango Clasico

2. LOS COSOS DE AL LAO-Japan-Tango-Tour

The first CD of LOS COSOS “Tango-Buenos Aires-Argentina” is already well introduced to all supporters of contemporary Tango/Jazz. Now we got the second one and at the same time their first live CD.

The japenese audience is known for their extraordinary concert behaviour, which means absolutly silent while the music’s playing and totaly freaking out at the end of the show.
We noted this as an advantage, due to this the CD is sounding like a perfect studio-production compared with other live-recordings, that normally are suffering from a loss of dynamic and transparency. Especially the Drum-Solo in “Quedamo Asi”, would even have caused Astor Piazzolla to take pride in.

LOS COSOS DE AL LAO-Japan-Tango-Tour


The both presented Tango/ChillOut compilations:
Tango Chill Out - The Experience
Tango Chill Sessions

have already shown the way Tango is able to let us unbend and relax. The a.m. CD of the BUENOS AIRES ENSEMBLE is another new Tango/Chill Out disc, that is very emphatic particulary because of GABRIELA MONTANERs’ voice .


4. CRISTOBAL REPETTO - Cristobal Repetto

Finally we are glad to introduce you to the most exceptionally voice of Argentina these days. Cristobal Repetto, 24 years young, and his Guitar-Trio are astonishing the tango-community. His mentor and producer GUSTAVO SANTOLALLA was paralyzed by Repetto’s style during a Milonga in Buenos Aires and invited him to be a part of his successful project called BAJOFONDO TANGOCLUB. During these sessions they both realised their passion for classic guitar-tangos of the late 30’-50’ and soon recorded this self-titled debut CD. The singing of Cristobal Repetto is indeed very UNIQUE. Never before a voice has had only a few , or almost nothing in common with the singers’ appearance (please take a look at the booklet). This is one more reason why it’s by far the most thrilling tango-cd of 2004, yet.

CRISTOBAL REPETTO - Cristobal Repetto

. Best wishes from Hamburg
Stefan Ahrens
The DYM-Team

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