September 29th: Tango today, suprising new CDs

Dear friends of Tango Argentino!

Last week we had unfortunately been informed by our argentine supplier, that our new order will only be shipped this week, and suddenly this package just stood before our office this morning. We would like to share this new releases with you and are quickly sending our little newsmail-representative on it’s way:

We are starting of course with the new and second release of BAJOFONDO TANGOCLUB called “SUPERVIELLE”.
Tango meets Electronic as expected, but we never had reckoned this kind of symbiosis.
Herewith you get a mix of HIP HOP-Rythms & Tango with vocal backings of Daniel Melingo (famous since his CD ‘Tangos Bajos’) , or some kind of crossover of violin & cello with threatening doublebass & bandoneon that you have not yet heard in TANGO NUEVO.


UNTIL 04.10.04 this CD is offered with an AUCTION PRICE of EUR 14,99/CD !!!

Furthermore we are presenting a new disc of TANGO/CHILL-OUT.
The compilation ‘TANGO CHILL SESSIONS’ includes 12 titles that are on one hand danceable, and on the other one relaxable. After some real frustating releseas of this music style in past months, we finally got a fine balanced CD here:


Sergio H. Bermejo is well-known in the argentine Electro-Rock scene and is introducing his new project MALEVO SOUND PROJECT with the CD ‘Evolution Tango’ to the TANGO NUEVO community. Together with some old maestros such like Antonio Agri (Violin) and Walter Rios (Bandoneon) Sergio Bermejo is creating a new mix of Tango-Pop, Ambient and Electronic. Maybe this is the only possible CD that really continues the musical direction where GOTAN PROJECT left off:

CD "Evolution Tango" from MALEVO SOUND PROJECT

After so much modernity the argentine band ATIPICA is sounding more classic, though the additional name ORQUESTA DE SAXOFONES, makes clear that the 9 young musicians are interpreting the classic tangos f.e. ‘La Yumba’, ‘El Choclo’ and ‘La Cumparsita’, yet unique and indeed ‘atipical’.
>From Sopran-(2x), Tenor-(2x), Alt-(3x), Bariton- until Bass-Saxofone no other instruments had been used in this production:


LYDIE AUVRAY already proved with her last CD ‘Tangos Tojours’, that tangos are not only evolving it’s magic and atmosphere with a bandoneon, but just as fine with an accordeon. Now she even makes a step further and is releasing her new CD “PURE” that is the first and only TANGO-CD with the so-called SACD Surround Sound. This special recording-technique mediates a feeling as if Lydie Auvray would actually playing in the own room of the listener. Even the echo is the natural echo of the recording room and was not created electronically. For all of you owner of such equipment, this disc will be a very special audio-experience:

CD "Pure" von Lydie Auvray

Best wishes from Hamburg
The DYM-Team

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