December 10th: Tango-Newsmail in two parts

Tango-Newsmail in two parts

Part 1: CDs

1.1 Tango-Christmas package
1.2 Tango-Electronic new release FELINO
1.3 Classical tango-duo
1.4 2 x argentinian folklore

Part 2: Remembering Jose Libertella

Dear friends of Tango Argentino & his rhythmic relatives (Candombe/ Chacarera)!

With the following newsletter we serve up a special selection for those of you still searching for the perfect Christmas gift. Please check out our freshly-made up Christmas-tango-package and indulge yourself in early delight preceding the joyful mood after unwrapping the Christmas gifts:

You'll find the so-called renewers of tango with Bajofondo Tangoclub - Supervielle and Tangoloco - Tangos de Liverpool as well as the classics with El Tranvia - Buenos Aires Hora Zero (guitar/bandoneon) and Zaida Saiace - Round Tango (piano). If you will, an allrounder among gifts for the tango-enthusiast.

2. Although the year is coming to an end, the new releases are not. With the following Tango-Electronic release we even offer you one of the best kept secrets of this genre. After completing the soundtrack for the stage play TANGHOST (choreography by Pablo Veron), the finnish composer Sverre Indris Joner benefited from his quintets’ enthusiasm and composed 4 additional tracks now released on “ELECTROCUTANGO - FELINO”. His music contains a dramatic and atmosphere similar to the CD “NARCOTANGO” and the rhythm of GOTAN PROJECT. So this one is in good company in which it will prevail with its extraordinary individuality.

3. The CD “CAFE 1930” by DUO TANGO SENSATION with Helena Rüegg (bandoneons) and Christian Kiefer (guitar) is a concert-experience of its own kind. Both artists are well-known in the german tango-scene. After studying with Rodolfo Mederos and Juan Jose Mosalini, Helena Rüegg got her reputation in the DTV with “Tango”, her 1999 released book. After releasing his debut CD in 1992, Christian Kiefer already performed at various tango-festivals and chamber concerts and is also a very welcomed radio and tv-guest. Daring and succeeding in doing the splits between argentinian folk music and the tangos of classical composers, the CD “Cafe 1930” among others contains tango-tracks by Piazzolla, Troilo and Laurenz.

4. And now to a relative of the Tango Argentino: For more than 10 years Claudio Sosa is a integral part of the argentinian folk-scene, having released 4 CDs since then. The 2 to 3 years between the releases only had positive effects on his music. The latest CD “Flores y Ayuno” offers a convincing variety of styles from Zamba to Chacarera and Candombe resulting in an harmonious arrangement. The CD also features Mercedes Sosa!!!

RUBEN RADA - Candombe Jazz Tour

As the CD-title already implies, CANDOMBE by Ruben Rada is a mix of different styles. The Uruguay-based percussion player is well-known for his free adaptation of traditional rhythms and the blending to jazz, funk and worldmusic. If you liked CACERES - Tango Negro, this CD is a must-hear!

Part 2

A lot of you may have known him personally or may have seen him in the past years with his impressive stage-show “Tango Passion”. Besides Luis Spazo he was one of the pillars of the Sexteto Mayor. Born on the 9th of july 1933, he entered the tango stage with only 16. On Wednesday, José Libertella died unexpected on his way to a concert near Paris. The concert took place, yet, without the perceptible presence of the maestro. His chair on stage remained vacant. There lying were his bandoneon and two red roses. Our deepest sympathy regarding the death of this great person of the tango!

With best regards from Hamburg
Stefan Ahrens and Matthias Möbius

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