September 27th: New CDs: Salsa, Merengue and Fruko-Tropical

Dear friends of Latin American music and culture!

We are herewith giving you an actual view of the last latin new-releases. Respectfully we are going to start with the oldest (of ages) artist among them, associated with the BUENA VISTA CLUB:

Since more than 50 years now the trumpeter “Guajiro” is one of the keymen of the cuban music-scene, and had played together with almost everyone in Cuba. All tracks on this CD are composed by the famous trumpeter Arsenio Rodriguez or being related with him. Singers are Ibrahim Ferrer and a new cuban female singer upto now unknown called CALUNGA. You will be surprised that music of the 40’s & 50’s can sound such fresh and unconsumed:


The main core of this mail is FRUKO Y SUS TESOS and their new CD ‘ LA MAQUINA DEL SABOR’ straight from Columbia. Once again Julio E. Estrada, called Fruko, is enthralling with a mix of Salsa Caliente and Hard Salsa. Please listen for yourself to the words of the Maquina Del Sabor:


We continue with Salsa and introducing “Fabricando Fantasias” the new CD of TITO NIEVES, dedicated to his son ‘Ommy’, who deceased 3 months ago. Apart from one balad all other titles of this disc are PURE SALSA. The track “Ya No Queda Nada” additionally comes as a Reggaeton-Version, and Tito Nieves herewith shows perfectly that he is not afraid of dealing with musically unknown styles:

Tito Nieves und “Fabricando Fantasias”

Some kind of mexican feeling is coming up with the new disc of SONORA DINAMITA “Dinamitazos Chilanos”, and here you can listen to 10 fine danceable CUMBIAs:

SONORA DINAMITA “Dinamitazos Chilanos”

Last but not least we have MAGIC JUAN with his last release ‘LIBERTAD’. This is Merengue HipHop with mega beats, and very good to dance to. 3 songs are with englisch language, the rest in spanish with powerfully rhythms:

Magic Juan und "Libertad"

With best regards from Hamburg!
Your DyM - team

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