DYM - Tangonews 08th of May

Dear friends of Tango Argentino !

This is one of our “short & informative” tango mails with exclusive new releases from Argentina. More precisely, we present CDs by the renowned tango label “EPSA Music” from Buenos Aires.

We begin with the Orquesta EL ARRANQUE and their most recent CD “EN VIVO”. These are recordings from their last European tour, or more exactly from the concert in Rete Due - Auditorium in Lugano, Switzerland. The selection is very well done, and every title is not only repeated from older recordings but arranged in a new and fresh way. Thus, you will indeed purchase a new CD, even if you know other versions of the songs played by El Arranque:


There is also the second CD by the Orquesta ESCUELA DE TANGO called “Bien Compadre”.

The bureau of cultural affairs in Argentina started this project 4 years ago. It was planned in order to support young musicians and to give them the chance to gain stage experience and musical skills by performing with artists from the 1940s and 1950s, in this case from EMILIO BALCARCE. Make up your mind about this exchange between the generations:


A lot less traditional, but with a rather classical approach is the music of VIOLENCELLISTAS DE BUENOS AIRES.
There is not a single bandoneon involved, still the quartet’s music exhales such a beautiful tango athmosphere, which does not only work for a concert, but also on the dancefloor.
The arrangement of the track “Adios Nonino” is already worth the purchase, or you should at least listen to it:


Last but not least: the soundtrack of a true milonga in Argentina. It is simply called “MILONGUEANDO” and apart from the lack of conversation and other live sounds, the listener gets the feeling to participate in a real milonga. Of course there are classic tracks like La Cumparsita, El Choclo, Milonguero Viejo, which inspire you to listen from the beginning to the end and then start all over again:


Best regards from Hamburg in spring.
Your DyM-team

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