October 12th: Gotan Project, Milonga-DVD and more

NEW INSTRUCTIONAL-DVD "Milonga" of Ricardo & Nicole

Dear friends of Tango Argentino!

First of all thank you for this numerous response to our last weekends poll. All of you, which have not yet returned this questionary, but still want to participate at the lottery for 10 CDs, have got enough time until next friday. If you have lost this survey-mail, please search for it in our newsmailarchiv:


Furthermore we thank you for your incitements and personal comments. We are reading those suggestions very precisely, although we could have not yet transcribed all ideas.

After all those "successors", "continuations" and/or "carrying on" discs of the Gotan Project-style by other electronic/tango bands were released, we now have finally the original back on the track with it's 2. CD called GOTAN PROJECT "Inspiracion Espiracion". And again the french duo is playing some tricks with the listener and combines so many different music-styles that the leitmotiv might get lost during track # 3 already. This time it will take a while for the listener and this Gotan-cosmos, in order to find an entrance to higher pleasure. This problems in the beginning might lead to a wonderful album with an extreme "long-time effect"

GOTAN PROJECT "Inspiracion Espiracion"

It is just the same with the CD "Bandoneon" of Laura Hansen (Vocals) & Carlos Morera (Bandoneon). In the beginning the absolut melancholy atmosphere, is threatening the listener's ground all over. But just when you have admit yourself to this you will find little sparkling rayes of hope, and especially the voice of Laura Hansen will put a spell on you.

CD "Bandoneon" of Laura Hansen & Carlos Morera

After the last two TANGO-INSTRUCTIONAL DVD's Vol 1 and Vol.2&3 we now got the DVD-Version of MILONGA from Ricardo&Nicole.

This video is for those who can dance Tango and haven’t learned the Milonga yet. It describes in detail how to walk in a milonga, and also, how some of the steps learned can be applied to the music of a milonga. Then, it shows the typical steps and combinations of the milonga like, for example, the step with traspié, the cunita, variations of the Eight accompanied forwards and backwards, and finally a step created by the late Pepito Avellaneda, a famous milonga dancer.
This DVD comes with almost 90 minutes playing time and 15 different steps.

A. Presentation dancesalon "Club Sunderland" in Buenos Aires
B. Course: MILONGA

1. Carácter y Ritmo de la Milonga
2. La Baldoza
3. Paso 8 caminado, con Giro
4. Baldoza con 8 al 3
5. Paso Básico con differente variaciones: 5-2, 8-3, var 8-3, 8 caminado variación PB
6. Combinaciones
7. Figura con Balanceo
8. Paso con Traspié
9. Una Salida Típica
10. La Cunita
11. Ocho Atrás acompañado
12. Medio Ocho Adelante el 3 al 5
13. Ocho Adelante acompañado
14. Figura Girada
15. Figura de Pepito Avellaneda
16. Baile Final y despedida

Here it is:
DVD MILONGA from Ricardo&Nicole

Best wishes from Hamburg
The DYM-Team

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