DYM - Newsmail 27th of January

1. Private accomodation in Havana and Buenos Aires
2. Photo exhibition on the occasion of the book fair in Havana
3. Download survey

1. Private accomodation in Havana and Buenos Aires

We want to make your future stays in Havana and Buenos Aiores even more comfortable, thus we can offer many more private guest houses in both cities. In Havana, there are complete appartments in excellent location, with one or two bedrooms. All apartments include living room, kitchen and bathroom. TV, air conditioning, fridge and washing machine are also available. On request, we also procure luxury apartments with private parking and pool. More information: http://www.danzaymovimiento.com/travel/en_unterkuenfte.php

The variety of our private guest houses In Buenos Aires has also grown. The package prices, thus, for Tango or Spanish travels are now “starting from”. The majority of the apartments and rooms can be rented for that price. But we can offer houses with swimming pools or other extras. In this case, the package will be a bit more expensive, but not a lot more. The more information we get concerning your wishes, the better will the accomodation match your desire. More information:

Tango: http://www.danzaymovimiento.com/travel/en_argtango.php
Spanish: http://www.danzaymovimiento.com/travel/en_argspanisch.php

2. Photo exhibition on the occasion of the book fair in Havana

If you should travel to Cuba in February, you should not miss out on this exhibition, especially because our “home photographer” Susanna Rescio will participate! It is a group exhibition on the occasion of the 13. International book fair in Cuba, in Havana. The vernissage will be in the Fortaleza de la Cabaña on February 7th 2004 at 14.30. The exhibition’s title is: MIRADA ITALIANA SOBRE CUBA - An Italian view on Cuba. There are five more renowned Italian photographers apart from Susanna Rescio: Graziano Bartolini, Andrea Brizzi, Giuseppe Lo Bartolo, Mimmo Fabrizi and Vittorio Giaccari. The exhibition shows a selection of 60 pictures, which portray Cuba in many ways. Susanna Rescio puts the emphasis on the joy of movement and the sensual zest for life of the Cuban people. This joy only has to be slightly touched, no matter where or in which situation, and it shows on the street, in a “paladar” or in a centre for people with DownSyndrom, and it’s contagious.

3. Download survey
Whow! We didn’t expect that! Our survey on the topic “download” last week seems to have hit the mark. Thank you very much for all the response and especially for the sometimes very detailed comments on the theme! The feedback is really exciting and constructive! The raffle of the 10 CDs will not take place before next week, though, because we are waiting for some more response of our English speaking customers, who received the newsmail a bit later. So if you still want to give your opinion: Go ahead!

Of course, we will also inform you about the result. The evaluation will take a while. We will also present some interesting comments to you. It goes without saying that the authors will stay anonymous.

I also had another idea while reading the e-mails: There will be newsletters this year where, from time to time, I will give some facts about CD prices, GEMA; copy protection and similar controversial topics. I will also give you some figures of our own CD productions and reveal numbers you might not have expected. So just wait and see....

The survey showed something very clearly: We have many recipients of newsletters and customers who are actually thinking about the future of music. Their feedbacks give us a big support for our work.

Thank you and keep on the great job!
Matthias Möbius and your DYM - team

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