September 17th: Look back on last summer

Dear Danza y Movimiento friends !

Most of you were on vacation during the last months. For some of you it is already a few weeks ago, some of you came back just a few days ago and are trying to acclimatizate at home. Your mailbox is more than full and you have to sort your mails completely. As an exception we won’t send you on your next vacation with this mail. :-)

We would like to point out to you our wonderful newsmail archive, in which you can read all former information you might have missed.

Here’s a short note of a few important mails during the holidays:

In June we have informed you about some new journey offers for seniors and of course all others, who are interested to take a look behind the scenes in Cuba or Argentina.

Furthermore there was a mail “What price is allowed for music” that debates about the question if there is a future for the music production and that even brought up controversial discussions and “Spiegel online”, one of the most important websides in Germany.

We presented the Tango quartet Los Tauras, that is presenting in London these days.

In July we pointed out that we are looking for someone who is interested to join us in our Hamburg shop and who would like to develop a new concept with us. The idea behind it all is to enlarge our offer. This newsletter only exists in German:

Our new program offer in Santiago de Cuba was introduced to you in August:

We have informed you about several festivals in Cuba and Argentina in fall resp. in spring.

Last not least there were of course some new CD releases.
Go and read yourself through our archive for the year 2004:

Have fun!
Your DYM-Team

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