DYM - Newsmail 2nd of march


1. News from Danza y Movimiento
2. Blas Rivera - new CD
3. A great Bachata collection for Europe
4. New series: Tango - the original(s)
5. Download - survey: The winners!

1. Unfortunately, things do not always work out the way we want. A few days ago we had to cancel the contract with our German distributor EFA. This is sad, it costs a lot of money and it means, that our two labels “Danza y Movimiento” and “ViaCancun” will not be in the bigger shops for a while. Luckily- at least for you- there is our webshop!

And the new releases of our label? At the moment there are three new productions we would like to present to you and which you can order exclusively via our webshop. Let’s go!

2. Blas Rivera

proves with “Intimo” that there is an artist waiting out there for the international breakthrough. The saxophonist from Argentina, who studied his art in Boston and who has been living in Rio de Janeiro for 10 years now, is quite well known in the Brazilian jazz scene nowadays. After all, one can consider an artist well known if he is asked about his music standing at the cash register in a supermarket. Surely, it is also important that Rivera is a born entertainer, which convinced the Brazilian as well as the European audience in the recent years. But he is still waiting for the European breakthrough. The concert organizers are sceptical - what do you think of an artist who plays a unique mix of tango and jazz and thus does not fit into any usual scheme!?

Concert reviews and CD reviews always celebrate Rivera as the worthy heir of Astor Piazzolla (Tango) or Gary Mulligan (Jazz). Because Rivera’s own name does not attract a lot of spectators, many concert organizers do not have a better idea than calling Rivera’s show “Samba”. After all, the band is from Rio... But when the audience is finally awestruck after the first sounds, the spell is broken and every concert turns out to be a great party celebrating the Blas Rivera’s Tango-Jazz-Embrace.

“Intimo” is the result of an artistic development of 5 years. One title is arranged by Blas as an homage to his musical father Piazzolla. All the other compositions are by Rivera himself. Apart from the usual line-up Blas Rivera (sax), Eduardo Janibelli (piano) and Ana de Oliveira (violin) there are also renowned guest musicians like Oldimar Caceres, Leonardo Sanchez and Roberto Tormo. The recording took place in Rio de Janeiro and Paris. The background for the photo shooting was also Paris. Musically, Rivera enters more intimate zones of his music with “Intimo”. You will notice the influence of tango and jazz as well as flamenco.

The booklet gives information on the titles and the musicians involved in the recording. Rivera is expected to tour Europe in summer 2004 when he will visit France, Spain and Greece.

This is the link to the CD:

Read first press reviews by clicking on “reviews”. You can also give us your personal opinion.

3. Bachata

is the current hit on the European Latin dancefloors. Bachata is a rhythm from the Dominican Republic that everybody who has ever travelled to that island knows. The dominant rhythm of the Dominican Republic is Merengue and Bachata. These rhythms are omnipresent on the island - nobody can escape.

Bachata is very popular and for a long time it was unrepresentable in public. But everything changed from the Mid 90s on. The rural music conquered the cities and quite a few artists represented by New York record companies started to interpret the music. The international success followed, and the last two years showed clearly how the rhythm reached Europe and how it became more and more popular starting from the South and travelling North. Whereas Bachata tracks like “Obsession” are played by big Italian radio stations, the North tends to celebrate this music in the underground of the Latin clubs.

Bachata is similar to Merengue: It is danced in a close embrace. But the movements are more fluent than the typical pushy movements of the pelvis when dancing Merengue. Still, it is obvious what the melancholic smooth dance aims at when you consider the sliding movements and the lyrics.

This CD continues the Vamos-series. It contains high quality cover versions presenting artists who normally play in top bands and gain an extra income with these cover versions. This is why you are not told the real names of the artists. At the same time the quality is excellent. The selection is composed of top Bachata hits of the past year. The suggestive lyrics are typical for Bachatas. The authors of the songs are famous artists like Raulin Rodriguez, Eddy Herrera, Bonny Cepeda and Anthony Santos.

This is the link:

4. Tango - the original(s)

20 compositions of the author Eduardo Arolas who died in 1924 at the age of 32; presented by renowned orchestras of the 1920s to the 1950s; carefully remastered. Tango dancers will enjoy the 20 instrumental versions, and people who prefer listening to the music will equally love this CD by “Danza y Movimiento”. The orchestras are for example the ones of D’Arienzo, Troilo, Pugliese, Sassone, Donato, Lomuto, De Caro and other great names of the Tango Argentino.

The booklet inside the three-part digipack contains a small literary jewel. The short story “Marie’s knife” describes the inner strife of a German tango tourist who has to chose between the passionate affection of an Argentinian tango dancer in Buenos Aires and her German boyfriend’s love. The author Katrin Dorn from Hamburg manages to transmit the emotional intensity of tango in this short story which does not lose its suspense until the end.

Again “Danza y Movimiento” united different artistic genres with this project. Music on the CD, the literary appetizer in the booklet. Both ingredients intend to increase the appetite and to give an insight into the exciting world of tango.

The series “Tango - the original(s)” is the starting point of a collection of five CDs with compositions from the early years of tango which are free of author’s rights. This project is unique so far, the more so as the repertoire of tango music free of author’s rights is quite limited.

This is the link:

5. We have collected some interesting feedbacks from our download survey. And the results from that January survey keep coming in. It is never too late and we are always happy about the commentaries and suggestions.

Here are the 10 lucky winners from the group of people who answered the survey, after all 350 persons!

A Tango - CD goes to:

KM Feldhahn
Mario Gianolio
Luc Smets
A Salsa - CD goes to:

Andreas Bürger
Doris Müller
Gabriele Brejla

A Brazil - CD goes to:

Silke Tina Tischendorf
Olav Popp
Robert Gehmeyr
We are still evaluating the survey and you will get first results soon.

Many regards
Your DYM - team

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