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Dear Friends of Tango Argentino !

1. In the recent past young musicians from Argentina started to renew the TANGO, by mixing it with Electronic and Jazz. With the following 3 releases we’d like to show, that there are TANGO CLASSICO’s refreshed by new arrangements of the young tango generation, as well:

We’ll start with JUAN DARTHES and his debut-cd “ASI”.
Together with Daniel Garcia and the TANGOLOCO-Quintett, which caught attention with their last CD “TANGOS DE LIVERPOOL”
http://www.danzaymovimiento.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=77691597252 covering BEATLES-Songs in Tango-Style, he is presenting his songs with some kind of a ROBERT GOYENECHE-flavor. This means no COVER-Songs, but Vocal-Tangos sympathizing the old CLASSICO-atmosphere:

Instrumental-Tangos composed ONLY by guitars is coming from the CUARTETTO ANIBAL ARIAS and his new disc “Las Cuerdas Criollas”. The 4 guitarists succeeded well in doing a split between argentine folklore and tango. Tango without BANDONEON ? Yes, it works you will be surprised:

Finally we are introducing a new Piazzolla-homage of the QUINTETTO LA CAMORRA that’s called “Resurreccion Del Angel”. These young men are doing a marvelous job in respectfully adaptating Piazzolla-themes by using BANDONEON, GUITAR, VIOLIN, BASS & PIANO, that even DANIEL PIAZZOLLA (son of A.P.) had to admit this is “PIAZZOLLA, EN LAS MEJORES MANOS”. For your own impression, please go here:

Furthermore we have of course got a lot of new releases of the TANGO NUEVO, that we are going to issue during the next weeks. Please have a look on our TANGO:New Releases - page from time-to-time:

2. Since November 2003 we are now waiting for new discs from the most famous collection in tango argentino called “RELIQUIAS”, and are very glad being able to present you the first 7 units as follows. Please enjoy :

Miguel Calo - Recordando Viejos Temas

Francisco Canaro - Instrumentales De Coleccion

Francisco Canaro - 20 Grandes Exitos

Quinteto Pirincho - Tango Del Tiempo Viejo

Alberto Moran; Jorge Vidal - Recordando Sus Exitos

Ada Falcon - Tangos Y Valses

Varios - Boleros Inolvidables 1944/1950

Many regards from Hamburg and have a nice weekend!
your DyM-team

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