DYM - Tangonews 19th of August

1. New Instructional Tango-DVD
2. New Tour-Dates of LOS TAURAS
3. Italy - Not for Salsafans only

Dear friends of Tango Argentino!

Step by step something’s growing in the market for instructional Tango DVDŽs. After Ricardo & Nicole had started with their first DVD, we now have another one to offer called “Tango Argentino” from Emile, Hülya & Nazan. ItŽs production shows parts of a workshop with these 3 teachers, well-known in the south of Germany. All this could have been produced on video-tape as well, but for good reasons the producers are using a special-feature, that will never be able on video: DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. While watching and studying you have the choice between German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkey and the original-soundtrack. This DVD presents 90 minutes Tango-Instructions. At first there is a 30 min. beginner-class plus one tango-dance and at second there are 3 x 15 min for semiprofessional dancers plus two more tango-performances. Each sequence can easily be reached througout the menu, that gives you the opportunity to search quickly and to switch inbetween the programm.

We are offering this DVD for just EUR 25,99, to get it please go here:

DVD to learn to dance tango

This DVD is in PAL and with country code “0”, therefore is playable on every PAL-DVD-Player worldwide.

By the way: Nowadays you cannot find many TANGO-DVD’s on the market, due to it’s enormous production-costs. In other words - nobody can sell limited quantities of DVDŽs, in small market segments such like the TANGO one, that will allow them to a least break even with your costs.


2. New Tourdates of LOS TAURAS

Some days ago we have already informed you about LOS TAURAS and their european tour dates, we now got some more dates to add :

20.08.04 STOCKHOLM
19. & 21.08.04 VASTERAS
04.09.04 COLON
07.09.04 NUREMBERG
16. - 26.09. LONDON

Please look out locally for information about venue, open-time and the actual cast of LOS TAURAS.

To learn more about LOS TAURAS, please get here:

http://www.danzaymovimiento.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=&products_id=90681000067 http://www.danzaymovimiento.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=&products_id=90681000068

3. Italy - Not for Salsafans only

Since almost one year we are offering journey opportunities to the italian region Liguria (Cinque Terre) and Tuscany. We are working together with a marvelous Cuban salsateacher and we thoroughly looked around to get accommodations with best price-quality ratio for our customers. Up to now we only presented our Italian-Sides in german language, but finally we have managed it to give comprehensive information about these offers to our foreign interested parties, as well:


Especially during autumn the region of Cinque Terre is very recommendable. Although you may not find a lot of tango-facilities, it is always worth a trip to Ligurien to unbond and/or to hike. We would have the pleasure in finding some comfortable accommadation for you and will have some interesting advices for a marbellousness recreation.

Many regards from Hamburg,
your DyM-team

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