DYM - Newsmail 14th of June / Travel

Here are some news for everyone interested in travelling with us to Cuba or Argentina:

1. Seniors journeys with Danza y Movimiento
2. More feedback of our travel guests
3. Web-Shop adaptation

1. Seniors journeys with Danza y Movimiento

As a new part of our programme we have senior journeys to Cuba and Argentina.

Our travel offers can be individually arranged for travellers with high demands in the second half of their lives, for people who enjoy life and who are open to the world. Many people can only allow themselves to dive into foreign cultures as soon as their lives are not dominated anymore by their everyday working rountine. Afterwards, they are free to get to know everything that couldn’t find any space before. We concentrate on individual cultural journeys, but we can also organize travel programmes for groups. Other points of interest are language courses, round trips, and also music, dance and rhythm. We were really surprised about the enthusiasm concerning our offers of the growing number of senior travellers aged between 50 and 80 years who have travelled with us during the recent years.

We believe that you would like to travel independently, thus we only make proposals for the planning and preparation of your journey when you wish us to do so. The planning phase and the preparation phase are important parts of our work and they need quite a bit of space.

Our exemplary travel programme wants to give you a first impression and it is designed for a period of three weeks. Of course, we can also plan shorter or longer journeys for you. All the contents of the journey can be varied according to your personal preferences. If you, for example, prefer a different hotel than the one indicated, there is no problem to change.

In the recents years, more and more people between 50 and 75 used our consulting service and more and more senior people travelled with us. It became quite evident that there is not only interest in round trips and cultural events, but there is also a demand for high quality dance courses and offers for active holidays. We offer the necessary infrastructure and we enjoy to advise open-mided senior people who enjoy travelling.

Please have a look at our exemplary travel offers on our regional pages.

If you are interested in information for holidays for seniors in Cuba please clic here:

Senior travel to Cuba

If you are interested in information for holidays for seniors in Argentina please clic here:

Senior travel to Argentina

2. More feedback of our guests

We are always pleased, if we get a feedback from our travel guests. Often we were able to improve several programmes on the basis of our guest's experiences. During the last days we have structured our feedback-pages completely new and put in many new articles. See

Feedbacks from our guests

3. Web-Shop adaptation

Also during the last few days an adaption of our webshop to the actual certainty standards occured. Even if there is nothing to see external, internal the shop is shiny and new, also behind the scenery... :-). We have tested the shop in all languages and functions. Should we have failed to see anything that doesn't work, please give us a short notice.

Have a nice day and contact us for any questions you might have!
Your DYM-Team

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