DYM - News 19th of April

1. Download survey - the results
2. DYM at I - Tunes
3. More convenient travel pages
4. The winners of our newsletter raffle

1. Download survey - the results
The music business suffers a crisis - we are working on possible solutions for the problem. In January, we asked the recipients of our newsletter about their opinion concerning the topic download. There was a great response to the newsletter. We evaluated about 400 replies. Here are the most important results:

About 400 questionnaires were filled in completely and returned. 40% of the replies contained, in some cases detailed, commentaries and suggestions. The results are based on the number of questionnaires we received, and on the other hand we checked the differences between the German and the international responses. And we wanted to find out if our tango customers would react in a different way than for example the salsa and brazil fans.

We start right here: The answers of the customers interested in different genres only varied slightly (which surprised us...)! To put in different words: Tango, salsa or brazil customers think about the same about the topic download.

And there was no big difference between the answers from Germany or from foreign countries. Find some differences below.

We start from the assumption that the recipients of our newsletter are active in the internet. Still, 80% of them have never downloaded a music title. Of the 20% who have tried it, only 10% have used a download free of charge. 30% have paid a fee for the download, the rest has used both possibilities.

Approximately 20% are not interested at all in downloads. This means that 80% are interested and 30% are very interested (foreign countries: only 10% very interested).

90% would like to download single tracks. The rest is not interested in that. 70% would like to download complete albums, in foreign countries even 90% (logical, because the shipment costs are higher...)

Ok, now we are coming to the prices for a single track. It’s quite interesting that 36% would like to pay less than 0,79 Euro, in foreign countries even 41%. Only 3% are willing to pay more than 1,19 Euro. If we consider the price of 0,99 cents as the magical number of I-Tunes, then 66% (!!!) are not willing to pay even that price (Foreign countries: 95% voted for 99 cents or less !!!) (Short note: According to a recent study it is not economic to offer downloads for less than 1,50 Euro; in that case, the provider has to pay for every download himself. This means in other words that the current legal downloads are only methods of promotion. You will get more detailed information on that in a future mail concerning the topic price structure.)

And how about albums? Our customers also favour low prices; 80% are willing to pay 11,99 Euro or less. In foreign countries even 85%. So you can be curious about the newsmail concerning price structure ... :-)

Well, these are the results. If you need exact numbers, please feel free to ask. It is only permitted to use the survey results when indicating the source of information.

No more commentaries for the moment. Let the numbers speak for themselves for a while...

2. DYM at I - Tunes
If you want to download a title of the label “Danza y Movimiento” you can do so at I-Tunes since the beginning of this year. We are one of the first German labels that offers more than 100 titles of our artists Blas Rivera, Alberto Caleris, Matahambre Son, Schwenkglenks y los Gringos del Tango and Cantoamerica on the Apple platform. Every title for a price of 99 cent, so that nobody gains anything ... :-)

3. More convenient travel pages
There has been a structural change concerning our travel pages: More comfort and more clearness due to the select box! There is a box in the upper right corner for our travel destinations Cuba and Argentina. All the topics and offers are listed, so you just need a click for more information. Have a look - You will certainly find a lot yo haven’t seen before.

Cuba: http://www.dym-travel.com/cuba-travel-havana-santiago.php

Argentina: http://www.dym-travel.com/argentina-travel-tango-spanish.php

VIP - tours for special demands:

There will be more news on the travel offers shortly.

4. The winners of our newsletter raffle

We also enjoy to surprise you from time to time, thus we give away CDs for the winners of our raffle among everybody who is registered in our webshop and who also receive our newsletter. If you should not have registered yet, you can do that here:


The winners of February and March are:

G. Scozzari / Giaveno (Italy)
D. Gould / Wakefield (UK)
H. Bjarnason / Reykjavik (Island)
J. Völkl / Wien (Austria)
A. Schnarr / Eichenzell (Germany)
C. Sievers / Wiesenbach (Germany)
Congratulations and please tell us soon if you prefer a tango CD or a salsa CD - then we will send the CD straight away.

Many regards
Your DYM - team

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