November 8th: The winners of our survey and more news ...

Dear Danza y Movimiento friends!

Have you visited our shop recently and wanted to hear audiofiles? If so, you have noticed the following: If you want to listen, you have to register first.

There's a good reason for the changes: Our traffic costs exploded during the last month, because of our offers abuse, f.e. some Asia MP3-robots or other shops that don't offer tracks by themselves. Yes, you got it right. There are other shops earning money with our audiofiles from our shop. (Who has a website pays for the traffic on his pagepage. theese are so called traffic costs). Our traffic costs are about twice as much as before re. the above mentioned problem.

If you don't have an account at our shop yet it is no problem - it is damn easy! No obligations! Not just that you can listen to the cd before maybe buying it, there are even more advantages. You can f.e. add a cd on your personal wishlist. You can show this wish list to friends or change it or add more whenever you want.

You can also be an editor and write your comment to books or cds. Other visitors like to read such comments and with a little luck you can win a cd.

So, if you don't have your own account yet - that's the way:

Just a helpful note: our shop is working without cookies, which is very seldom. We wanted it that way, because we don't want our visitors to think that we would like to spy. Anyway, it is better for you to let your browser accept cookies. If not it might happen that you have to register yourself several times a day. If you don't accept cookies, how can the shop notice you?!

Now to the winners of the cds:

The winners of our opinion survey dated October 9, 2004

A Tango-CD:

Max Peschek from Bremen
Robert Wolf from Zurich
Catriona Byrne from ?
Hubert Sieverding from Weddel
Maria Victoria Cengarle from Munich

A Salsa-CD:

Chajim Meinhold from Radebeul
Sabine Medler from Künzell
Peter Wilhelm from Stuttgart

A Brasil-CD:

Karl-Heinz Schönemeier from Hamburg
Mauro Manini (from Italy?)

Since some winner don't have an account at our webshop or some accounts are not actual I would like to ask you for a short feedback with your current address.

Many thanks to all of you that have participated our opinion poll. I will let you know more about the result in a few weeks.

Best regards
Matthias Möbius

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