November 23rd: Tango Calendar 2005 and Tango book

Dear friends of Tango Argentino!

Once again a year is going to end and once again we ask ourselves, what kind of help we need to plan 2005 with all the months and days. Bookstores and other stores are filled with calendars, but where are the Tango calendars?

Until a few days ago we were completely helpless re. this question and making a schedule on a Tango basis seemed to be impossible. But then suddenly an artist visited our Hamburg shop with a big smile and showed us all his goodies. And this is exactly what we would like to show you, since now we are owners of a Tango calendar and a Tango book, but you are not - until now...!

The calendar "Tango 2005" by Christoph Richter is simple and also simple produced. The in 1953 in Marl born artist shows us Tango impressions in Aquarell & Pen or also in Eitempera on all 12 pages. Richter visited Buenos Aires for the first time in 2000. Something happened to him, what might have happened to you, too. The trip to the beginning of the Tango became an important caesura in his life. Tange is more than just a dance! (Should you haven't made an experience like this - you know, we have some travel offers for you and we would love to bring movement into your life. You don't know it? I'd love to tell you more about it...).

Back to the calendar: it is in the size of a LP and it is not really expensive, just 8,50 Euros. Well, take a look and buy here:

Christoph Richter - Tango calender 2005

Christoph Richter was not only in our shop because of the new calendar. He published a lot of his work in a book together with the Tango expert Dieter Reichard from Hamburg. The title is "Tango" (oh, really...) and the subtitle is "Selected Tango songs in a German translation by Dieter Reichardt and pictures from Christoph Richter". A wonderful book. The Spanish originals are right beside the translations. Even though I would have loved a translation more free at some parts and a translation nearer to the intention of the original, I had a lot of fun reading the book and watching Christoph Richter's Tango impressions

"Tango" by Christoph Richter and Dieter Reichard

Sorry about a book in German and Spanish, but until now it has not been published in other languages.

My tip for you today: Order the calendar and the book together and maybe some wonderful Tango cds from our last Newsletter
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and the November seems a little brighter.

Best regards from Hamburg
Matthias Möbius

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