November 25th: The TOP 10 of new latin music

Dear friends of Latin American music and culture!

Although autumn is already in the house, we will not renounce the hot rhythms from latin-america. Therefore we have rapidly asked for a small delivery of new releases and will open up this box together with you to present the TOP 10 of new latin music :

1. SONORA CARRUSELES - Que No Pare La Rumba / Swing, Salsa & Boogaloo.

We have so eagerly longed for the new release of this columbian boogaloo quintett that it is coming in 2 different versions. The european one includes one bonus track “Me Goce El Bongo”

and the columbian one is available at a more favorable price ;)

Besides every fan of salsa buena and boogaloo will again be happy about this perfect combination of danceable and crunchy rhythms. This time even with special support of Bimbo “El Oso Manoso” on vocals.

2. OSCAR D’ LEON - Soy Asi

After almost 3 years we finally received a new sign of life from Oscar D’Leon, and during first listening to this very diversified CD “Soy Asi” you soon will know this break was necessary and now he is back for good. Every fast salsa-track sounds exceptionally lively and the more romantic ones very cheerful.

We are going to take him seriously when he says on track # 6 “Vive Tu Vida” , and will be in good company with this disc:

3. EL GRAN COMBO - Aqui Estamos Y ... De Verdad !

Similar to this we have one more classic-album from GRAN COMBO DE PUERTO RICO “Aqui estamos y...” This band was recently celebrating his 40years anniversary and is now reaching for the stars with it’s new CD. According to the latin press this is the first latin-release of the fused music-company SONY/BMG. With this backing and plus the mentioned new CD, that is presenting Salsa Brava at it’s best the Gran Combo will be staying on top for a long time.

4. ANTONY SANTOS - Vuelve Amor

The new CD of the most famous bachatero Antony Santos is pure Bachata from start to end. Antony knows quite early what he’s doing best and is going steady in the same direction with each new disc. Someone may call this stagnation, we know it’s constant quality at a high level. Unfortunately we can not offer any audios for you, because PLATANO-Records has started copyprotection, too. The real Bachata-Fan buys this new CD of ANTONY SANTOS anyway ;))

5. MONCHY & ALEXANDRA - Hasta El Fin

The well-known Duo is getting more romantic with it’s new CD, but still in a usually good way. “Hasta El Fin” is for sure the most calm bachata-disc ever, but what could fit more favorable at this time of year ??

6. KINITO MENDEZ - Celebra Conmigo

Kinito Mendez is introducing Merengue Suave in a good manner as always. But with this new disc calling “Celebra Conmigo” he is getting straight to the point, and is indeed inviting to party. Of course this is not becoming Merengue Duro out of a sudden, but except for 2 songs this is zippy and racy music to dance to.


The salsa-compilation of the new year with songs of Ray Barreto, Gran Combo, Lebron Brothers.


The merengue-compilation of the new year with songs of Eddy Herrera, Milly Quezada, Rikarena


The bachata-compilation of the new year with songs of Raulin Rodriguez, Luis Vargas,Zacarias Ferreira

10.REGGEATONHITS 2005 The reggeaton-compilation of the new year with songs of Fuera de Ley, Tengo Calderon, Don Omar

With best regards from Hamburg!
Stefan Ahrens
DyM - team

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