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Content: Information to whom it may concern re. "Newsletter" and first thoughts about where the road will lead for "Danza y Movimiento"

Dear Danza y Movimiento friends!

Who wants to be informed by us receives our newsletter for free. Who wants not to be informed is free to click on the link at the end of the newsletter for cancellation.

Receivers of our newsletter already know that we have information about new cds, dvds, books and travel offers and that we furthermore keep you informed about themes regarding music and culture. It is also possible to read all our newsletters in our archieve:

For the time being we have some plans for changes. One is that from now on we don't sort the newsletter receivers anymore (Salsa, Tango, Brasil). Here are some personal thoughst re. the above for your information:

"Danza y Movimiento" is a feeling of life for me. As a European I was raised to live a rationally life. I've learned about physical sense and sensory through my contact to Latinamerican music and dances. I appreciate Salsa, Tango and Brasilian music f.e. because they can open doors to enjoyment and communication with other people. Because of this experience my life became richer. Tango, Salsa and also the Brasilian music appeal to different people and therefore there are different scenes. But in the end it is everyone's wish for sensory, exchange and contact.

"Danza y Movimiento" will lead a new direction to get people together that wish to go new ways and get new experiences. How this will look like has to be decided by yourself. We have several offers and this offers are more than just cds. Also as it regards journey most of our guests know that we don't just sell some programmes but that we are trying to sell individual travel programmes, so you can make experiences for your entire life.

We have quite a few plans and within the next days we will proudly present a new travel programme that contents the following: enrich your life with dances and other elements.

Don't be afraid. You just take what you want to take. If you just want to buy a cd than you just buy a cd. As regards the newsletter, it will always be sent out when there are any news. That is usually once or twice a week. Each newsletters contains a short summary and if you are not interested - just delete the mail.

Sorry for all of you that have cancelled the newsletter already and are now receiver again because of the complete restructuring. The link for cancellation is at the end...

The newsletter is available in German and English. Would you like to change the language, just cancel in one list and apply in the other list. Cancel at the and, apply here:

If you just want to shop don't forget that the post takes a little longer in December because of the Christmas season.

To all of you a peaceful time before Christmas!

Danza y Movimiento
Matthias Möbius

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