September 21st: New instructional DVD and new CDs from Buenos Aires

1. New Tango-Course DVD from Ricardo & Nicole
2. New CD-Releases from Buenos Aires (NOT only Tango-Argentino)

Dear friends of Tango Argentino!

Finally we have got it here ! The follow-up of the successfully DVD Tango-Course Vol. 1 from Ricardo & Nicole. The new DVD combines Vol. 2 (semi-professional) with Vol. 3 (professional) and comes with full playing time of 60 mintues. The content:

A. Course Tango 2 - INTERMEDIATE

1. Sandwich y el Gancho
2. Ocho Atrás del paso 3
3. Paso 8 caminado
4. La Media Luna
5. Paso 3 al 6
6. Barrida
7. Paso Básico Cruzado Girado
8. Ocho Adelante acompañado

B. Course Tango 3 - ADVANCE

1. Paso 7 al 2
2. Ocho Adelante acompañado
3. Ocho Adelante con cambio de frente
4. Caminar
5. Giro Izquierda
6. El Voleo
7. Giro a la derecha con Sacadas
8. Final dance

DVD Tango Vol. 2

2. New Tango-CDŽs from Buenos Aires of course NOT always means uselessly Tango-ARGENTINO.

This brings us straight to the first of our new releases. The title YIDDISH TANGO already discribes everything. No more comment. Please have a look and listen:


The new disc of the argentine tango-quartett BARDO CADENEROS contains vocal-tangos, as well. Besides 2 exceptions, that are strengthed by piano and bandoneon, all tracks are played on 3 guitars only. But especially one of these exceptions, the song “Pa que bailen los muchachos” is a very strong danceable version. Listen for yourself, and you will be encouraged to dance, soon:


The names Andreè Lapeyre and Roberto Alvarez should not irritating you, because “AMOR TANGO” is indeed the NEW CD from COLOR TANGO. After long-time resident Andreé Lapeyre, french artist & musician, returned from Buenos Aires to Paris, she soon decided to turn her love for tango-music into her own compositions of TANGO-INSTRUMENTALS. She accidently get in contact with Roberto Alvarez and his famous orchestra COLOR TANGO, which was immediately enthralled to interpret these tango-, vals- and milong-titles. Maybe THE icognito-CD of this year:


After Blas Rivera and TANGO CRASH Tango Crash already done pioneering feat for TANGO/JAZZ and it’s acceptance, the young trio 3.0.3 (Tres-0-Tres) from Buenos Aires now intimates perfectly with it’s 2. CD “Buenos Aires Nómade” how easy tango can be combined with jazz, so that everyone and not only musicians will be amazed:

“Buenos Aires Nómade” von 3.0.3

Many regards from Hamburg,
your DyM-team

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