DYM - Tangonews 6th of April

Dear friends of Tango Argentino!
New at IKEA: “Argentinian Tango” ???!!!!!!!
We are only kidding ...
In fact, we would like to present two tango CDs from Sweden and two from Argentina, which you should definitely listen to.

This quintet (bandonon, double bass, guitar, violin and piano) is from Goteborg. The musicians decided 6 years ago to give Nuevo Tango a Scandinavian point-of-view.
The result is an excellent mix of tango & jazz, and you can listen to both CDs:

Part I

Part II

There is also the new CD “Destruccion Masiva” from Argentina from our young “old friend” Orquesta Tipica FERNANDEZ FIERRO.


This crazy collective of artists had already a big success with their first CD “Envasdo En Origin”


Now they are back with wonderful new compositions and everything beautiful 4 bandoneons and 3 violins can produce.

A TANGO/JAZZ highlight is the incredibly perfect recording “Tango-Buenos Aires-Argentina” by LOS COSOS DE AL LAO. There are some Piazzolla interpretation as well as a respectful adaptation of the Lennon/McCartney classic “Here There And Everywhere” .

You will have a smile on your face for the complete 2:52 min.:


Happy Easter!
Your DyM - team

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