October, 9th: New DYM-survey with a chance to win a CD

Dear friends of "Danza Y Movimiento"!

Communication is no easy thing. When you step in our shop, we can see you, you can see us, and maybe a small conversation occures. When you are surfing through our web-shop, we won’t even know, that you are acutally visiting us ... :-) And as well you will not get in touch with us personally, except you are asking directly for something special. But in the meantime you are just sneeking our web-shop, perparing a wish-list, pick something in or out of your cart, without us noticing anything about these actions, only until you drop the “SENT” button to confirm your purchase.

But there really is a lot to communicate, indeed. We just have to find a way to make it easier. We are ‘brain-storming’ a lot, how to improve these kind of things. Many times it’s your feedback that suggests things in order to make our shop more interesting, complex and exploratory. So it goes that we are going to change our entrance of the web-shop shortly. All of you Newsmail-subscribers will of course be informed at first, and are kindly invited to “pretest” it.

Today we would like to ask you some questions, that’s replies are very important for us, and that could help us to develop the web-shop to meet your approval. We are attaching a lot importance to your own ideas and criticism, because we would like to know what you wish for and/or would like to change in this shop.

We are raffling 10 CDs amongst all participants of this survey, that will be guiding for us. We are making no difference for this poll, if you are a current customer or if you are not.

Please answer to this mail by dropping the button “reply” or just forward this to mail@danzaymovimiento.com.

And here it comes, the poll :

1. Shall I win, I would like to have a CD of the style:
( ) Tango
( ) Salsa
( ) Brazil

2. Up to now I have used the following icons in the shop, and think of them, as important or rather unimportant:

Quick Find
( ) yes ( ) no ( ) important ( ) unimportant

Wish List
( ) yes ( ) no ( ) important ( ) unimportant

Sending recommendations
( ) yes ( ) no ( ) important ( ) unimportant

Listen to music
( ) yes ( ) no ( ) important ( ) unimportant

( ) yes ( ) no ( ) important ( ) unimportant

Currency calculator
( ) yes ( ) no ( ) important ( ) unimportant

( ) yes ( ) no ( ) important ( ) unimportant

3. I have already visited the following sections of DANZA Y MOVIMIENTOS web-portal:

( ) cd shop
( ) travels
( ) publisher
( ) contact
( ) newsletterarchiv
( ) CD-recommandations
( ) gift coupons
( ) photos of the dym-staff

4. I would wish for some more editorially information on the DANZA Y MOVIMIENTO web-sides

( ) yes
( ) no

If you have chosen YES, please inform us in which matter you would like to get more information:

Now some ideas, to expand some possibilities in our web-shop:

1st idea: Small advertisements
It would be nice, to have an opportunity to state some small advertisements in reference to the music and culture of latinamerica
( ) yes
( ) no

If you have chosen YES :
( ) I would pay for these advertisements
( ) I only would state advertisements, if it's free of charge

2nd idea: MP3-Downloads
All of you longtime subscribers already know that we are thinking about offering MP3-Downloads in our web-shop. Our tendency surely is concentrating on non-copylimited sizes, that are playable everywhere. Single tracks could be charged with EUR 1,69, complete albums with about 10 - 12 EUR. Would you intend to download music at these price-levels:

( ) yes
( ) no

If you have chosen "NO", please clarify:

( ) It's too expensive
( ) I am generally not interested in downloads
( ) others:

3rd idea: Note-Downloads
We even think about offering downloads of notes as pdf-files. Besides the charge for this, are you interested:

( ) Yes
( ) No

4th idea: Games
I would appreciate more games and lotteries:

( ) Perfect
( ) Not interesting for me

5th idea: DyM-Community
For a managable annual subscription I would be obligded getting some sort of benefit from DANZA Y MOVIMIENTO. For example discount on shop-purchases and travel-offers, free-of-charge advertisements and personally a more privileged treatment on top.

( ) Yes, here I am
( ) No way, not of interest for me

6th idea: Internet-Radio
Yes, we are brain-storming about "internet-radio", as well. This means radio-on-demand which you could hear live or anytime you want afterwards. The idea is a radio-station, that will not only play music on and on for hours, but transports informative contents, too. Please let us know your corresponding approach:

6a) I am already listening to internet-radio
( ) often
( ) sometimes
( ) rarely
( ) never

6b) The idea of DYM Internet-Radio-on-demand sounds interesting to me
( ) Yes
( ) No
( ) Maybe

6c) I am willing to pay for a good radio-station
( ) Yes
( ) No
( ) Maybe

7t:. Your personally ideas and suggestions
Here you have space for leaving your suggestions and ideas to us, that could improve your opportunities in our web-shop for you:

Thank you very much, for taking the trouble joining us while we are trying to reform and meliorate our web-shop. If you have won, we of course would like to inform you, please let us have your fully name right here:

For sure all of your remarks are kept anonymous, and will only be used for our own purpose.

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