Palmera - Autoren: Gonzalez Ilukan, M.

Marcos Gonzalez Ilukan

Ilukán comes from Cuba and considers himself "the tambolero chosen by Olofin to draw out the special sounds of the drum". He is a serious proponent of the Afro-cuban tradition and follower of the star of Chano Pozo, Machito and all of the great rumberos and masters like Tomás Jimeno. The premise, "to make people dance with good music", as Ilukan says, has inspired him to create his own rhythms and use them as the "seasoning and sauce" for his own compositions. This first CD of ten songs entitled "Visa" was created from this recipe. The songs combine contemporary musical language with Cuban dance rhythms and vocals in the styles of son, mambo, chachachá, rhumba and bolero to recreate the spirit, soul and atmosphere of Cuba. The organic compositions and arrangements show an originality, as well as a respect and love for the tradition.