Palmera - Autoren: Imhorst, Nils

Nils Imhorst

Nils Imhorst studied the contrabass on his jazz degree course at the renowned Folkwang Academy in Essen, Germany. From 1996 – 2007 he performed in numerous national and international concerts with the Tango & Klezmer Quartet KLEZCETERA. During this period he also started composing his first tangos, and in 2008 was able to realise his concept of an electrotango project. This resulted in the creation of a CD, the title of which shares the project’s name: TANGOELECTRÓN. TANGOELECTRÓN aside, Nils Imhorst is also a playing member of various jazz ensembles whom he accompanies on concert tours in Europe, Central America, U.S.A. and Africa. In addition to this, he collaborates musically on CD- and audio book productions.