Palmera - Autoren: Stazo, Luis


Luis Stazo

Luis Stazo, bandoneón player, director, composer and arranger:

I was born in Buenos Aires and I started to play the bandoneón with only 7 years after always listening to my idol , the great Aníbal " Pichuco" Troilo on the radio. At the age the of 11, I already started to play in children’s orchestras. Until the formation of the Sexteto Mayor in `73, with which I recorded more than 20 CD’s, I`ve played with famous tango artists like Osmar Maderna, Angel Vargas, Juan Carlos Cobián, Jorge A. Fernández, Lucio Demare, Argentino Galván, Alberto Morán and the unforgettable Roberto Goyeneche, "el Polaco". With him, I recorded one of the most outstanding albums in 1963 - "La maxima expresion del Tango" with Armando Cupo at the piano and Mario Monteleone at the double-bass. For Alfredo de Angelis, Francisco Rotundo and Angel Vargas I also wrote arrangements for their orchestras in which I was also playing.

In 1965, Orlando Tripodi and I founded my first group called "Los 7 del Tango" with Tripodi at the piano, Fernando Suarez Paz at the violin, Mario Monteleone at the bass and Hector Ortega at the guitar. Olga del Grossi and Lalo Martel completed the group as singers.

As an arranger, I have written more than 150 arrangements only counting the ones for the Sexteto Mayor. The arrangements for "Los 14 Julio de Caro", which belongs to the most outstanding, are still appreciated by all musicians all over the world. This longplay, so I have been told , is true art.

During my long career of now more than 60 years, I have played on all stages of the world. Guests like Lady Diana, Rainer of Monaco, Anthony Quinn, Placido Domingo, Shirley McLaine, Paloma Picasso and so on listened to my music. Awards like the Konex, the great award of Sadayc ( Association of authors and compositors of the Argentina), the Calos Gardel in gold or the Latin Grammy in the year 2004 are only a few rewards to mention. Amongst my more than 100 compositions you can find pieces like "No nos veremos más", "Orgullo Tanguero" and " Del 73". Some of my compositions were written together with Ernesto Baffa, Enrique Cadícamo, Julio de Caro and Federico Silva.

In the last 20 years, the Sexteto Mayor and I have accompanied the Broadway productions "Tango Argentino" and "Tango Pasión" all over the world - except in Africa.

1996 was a very remarkable year: there I came to know my wonderful wife Manuela. Since then, not only I was travelling around the world but she was also…..always there where I have been….this was crazy!

In January 2005, I settled down in Berlin where my wife was already waiting for me and we decided to found a new trio called "StazoMayor”. Her idea. With them, I have already played in such famous halls and theatres like the Royal Festival Hall in London, the Philharmonic Hall in Berlin or the Opera in Lyon . But not only big theatres are interesting - I love to play at the milongas and watch people dance. There are so good dancers outside of Argentina, incredible!!

In 2006, I was called by the symphonic orchestra ofStuttgart twice as an arranger and guest musician, and I have played with them in the Staatstheater and Liederhalle. For the documentacion "Carmencita" (on DVD) I especially wrote the main song and I present it in the film.

Now, in 2007, I have decided to extend the trio to a quinteto, which gives me more flexibility to offer my music where it is requested.

Since my arrival in Berlin, I have already composed new wonderful pieces like: "A mi Esposa" , "Lyon" , "Carmencita" , "Rosita" , 22 de setiembre" and "El Pedron". Some of them where already recorded on my new album "A mi Esposa". The reviews for this album are all incredible, felicitating me. I’m sure that Manuela is inspiring me.

I would like to go on and on and on….."Tango is my life"…….
My very good friend and bandoneón player Teddy Peiro said once:
"….if the tango would die … what would do the bandoneón??"

Yes, what will do the bandoneon? Luis died on march 21, 2016.