Palmera - Autoren: Caleris, Alberto


Alberto Caleris

Alberto is author and composer of different genres of tropical music including salsa, son, bolero, vallenato, cancion, folklore and Latin rock. More then 100 titles are published by Ediciones La Palmera. You will find soundfiles and texts on most of his titles. Some of the recordings are only demos, but more then 20 titles have been recorded and published on CD. His most important work in the last years has been "Guapulo", arranged by Cuban musicians and recorded with Cuban group Moncada in Havana.

Alberto Caleris was born in Argentine. In 1983 he stopped his career and settled down in the high Andes of Ecuador.

In Argentine he had had a good start. EMI produced two LPs with him, some songs you can still hear on the radio in Buenos Aires today. He was on stage together with Lito Nebbia, Victor Heredia, Yabor or Jorge Cumbo. Everyone still knows him in Argentine, remembering the 70s and 80s.

But Alberto decided to start a new life in Quito. And in his work you will find like a mirror what happened in his life.