28.01.2008: Che Guevara DVD, Latin + Tango

1. DVD about Che Guevara
2. Latin News from the label Envidia
3. CD by Cuarteto Rotterdam: Yunta de Oro

Today, we will show you a colourful package of interesting news. Let yourself be surprised!

1. DVD about Che Guevara

Cuba: Caminos de la Revolución Cubana - Che Guevara, donde nunca jamás se lo imaginaron

DVD Che Guevara

This is a documentary about the legendary Argentinian-Cuban revolutionary, who was assessinated in Bolivia at the age of 39, in 1967 while fighting for the last time for more justice in the world. These pictures previously unpublished, portray the person Ernesto Guevara, the “Che”, who keeps being a symbol for sacrifice, courage and sincerity since generations. His life is presented by pictures taken from the archives of the "Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográfica" (ICAIC).

2. Latin News from the label Envidia

Tirso Duarte, Colon 264, Orestes Valido, Pan con Chocolate: The label Envidia, located in Spain, has released interesting productions for many years now, especially from Cuba. The CD "Fin del Juego" by Tirso Duarte, for example, is an excellent salsa/Timba production:

Tirso Duarte: Fin del Juego

But the sampler "Academia de Baile Latino" is also highly recommendable. It is a colourful mix of Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue and Son. Thus, the 3 CD-Box is never boring and it is entertaining to listen to it (and to dance) from the beginning to the end.

Academia de Baile Latino (3 CD)

These are the links to the other Envidia news:

Orestes Valido: Kimbombó

Colón 264: Se Fue Pa'l Africa

Varios: Capital Tropical 08

Pan Con Chocolate

Varios Salsa en la 10a Avenida 08

3. CD by Cuarteto Rotterdam: Yunta de Oro

There are not only interesting Tango recordings from Argentina. Especially the last years have presented us with a lot of exciting material from Europe. One of these CDs is “Yunta de Oro” by Cuarteto Rotterdam, which we would like to point out today:

Cuarteto Rotterdam: Yunta de Oro

The press information gives some valuable details about the band and the recording:

"Cuarteto Rotterdam is Tango - full of passion, esprit and power. The quartet was founded in 2004 and the name derives from the meeting point of the four musicians, who studied Tango at the "Rotterdam Academy for World Music" in the Netherlands.
The advantage of the small orchestra is their experience, creativity and phantasy, which origins from the diverse musical backgrounds of the German-English-Dutch quartet.
The classic formation of the quartet with bandoneón, viola, piano and double-bass creates a sound experience, which moves between tradition and modernity.
With playful ease and perfectly tuned they manage to combine different eras of Tango in order to take us on a journey to the beginnings of Tango, to the Golden Age of the 1940s, to Astor Piazzollas Tango Nuevo and to contemporary Argentinian and European compositions. Their enormous versatility enthuses the concert audience as well as the dancers."

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