05.03.2008: Electrotango and Salsa News

1. New electrotango: Sudestada
2. Tango - believed lost and found again: Haris Alexiou, Quinteto Ángel
3. Latin news: Pedro Brull & Jerry Medina, Pedro Jesús, New York Salsa

1. New electrotango: Sudestada

“Tango Lounge” is the title of this CD by Sudestada. Unfortunately, we don’t know how the band found its name. Originally, “sudestada” is a wind in Argentina, which causes hard rainfalls, mainly in winter and spring, but which is also a herold of warmer times. Well then, let yourself be inspired by this breath of fresh air! The production by Federico Mizrahi is a mixtures of tango and dancefloor and thus belongs to the category of Otros Aires and Carlos Libedinsky. There are 13 titles, and this special release also inlcudes two tangos sung in German by Heidemarie Böhmecke (La Llamadita and Tango de Miércoles).

Sudestada: Tango Lounge

2. Tango - believed lost and found again: Haris Alexiou, Quinteto Ángel

Haris Alexiou: Anthology (2 CD)

The Greek singer has two tangos in her repertoire (Nefeli’s Tango and For a Tango) , which were (and still are) very popular. Unfortunately, the CDs including these songs could not be found recently. But now, we are happy to present this double CD.

Quinteto Ángel: Danzarín

The debut album by Quinteto Ángel has not been available for some time. Now it is back in stock. The ensemble is from Berlin, Germany, and it is characterized by the great contemporary interpretations of traditional tangos and their fascinating live concerts. This is the link to both CDs by Quinteto Ángel:

Quinteto Ángel: Danzarín

Sábado Inglés

3. Latin News

This is a package full of salsa news for anybody who needs inspiration for the dancefloor. So anybody who stays seated has to blame himself!

Pedro Brull & Jerry Medina: Estación Candelas

Pedro Brull (Mulenze Orchestra), Jerry Medina (Batakumbele) and Papo Sanchez (Roberto Roena), from Puerto Rico have released a top production. “Salsa Gorda”, which will make you dance for sure.

Pedro Jesús: Entre la Noche y el Día

Swinging and perfectly arranged, this is more than an insider tip for DJs.

Varios: Salsa Bands of New York

Willie Moreno, Conjunto Imágen, Ray Viera, Los Soneros del Barrio and more top acts from the New York salsa scene:

Kind regards from Hamburg!
Tanja Darwish and the DyM team

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