Palmera - Autoren: Langenberg, Stephan

Stephan Langenberg

Born in Germany, at the age of eight his parents bought him an accordion, besides he got lessions in classical piano. As a child he was impressed by musicians playing accordion in the streets, and, hence through his life, he was always more fascinated by the vagabonding nostalgic message of the music of foreign countries and cultures than by the local folklore of germany. Though, he later studied music and received his degree in classical piano and musical education, partly self-financed by playing accordion in the streets and cafés.

Today, regarded as an expert of „harmonica-sound“, he is engaged in numreous projects as a player and composer for film, broadcast and theater, accompanying chansoniers, playing traditional tango with the bandoneon in milongas, and, last but not least: performing concerts of his own music. His own style has developed by „stealing styles“ from south-american and mediterranean music, all over there where the instruments accordion or bandoneon (both primarily stemming from germany) are playing a decisive role.