Palmera - Autoren: Monestel, Manuel

Manuel Monestel

The music of Manuel Monestel and his group Cantoamérica is partly influenced by Miguel Matamoros, Benny Moré, the Nueva Trova Cubana. Son, Chá, Bolero, Salsa in the widest sense. Nothing new, but something uncommon for Costa Rica. After all, songs like Canción Del Oficio, Buscando Esa Bella Flor or the beautiful Bolero-Son Seguirá El Amor could redound to Cuba’s honour. But then there is also the fascinating mixture of Calypso and Salsa, which originates from Talamanca. Descendants of Jamaican foreign workers live there, who have been brought to the country more than 100 years ago in order to build the railway. Monestel and Cantoamérica have created a unique music form.