Greetings from Hamburg

Hi there!

We are ìDanza y Movimientoî and we would like to introduce ourselves to you. At the end of this mail you will find more detailed information on why we selected you.

In case you do not know us: ìDanza y Movimientoî was founded in 1993. We sell CDs and being a mail order company, we are specialized in Latin American music. Besides, we offer classes for salsa, percussion and Spanish in Cuba!

Our CD webshop is quite unique world-wide. It is a catalogue of approximately 7000 CDs. About 1200 of them are tango CDs. The majority of the CDs appear with tracklistings and you can also listen to the songs. This means that at the moment we have more than 60 000 audiotracks online. The CD information always indicates the status of availability. Aproximately 4000 CDs are always in stock and they can be delivered immediately.

In this way, you save yourself travelling to our shop in Hamburg, although it would be a pleasure for us to welcome you there one day.

The link

leads you to the English page of introduction. This is the welcome page for you, which also shows you how to obtain more information, for example on our trips to Cuba.

We send a free newsletter from time to time. These newsletter do only consist in plain text, no animations, no attachments. After all, we do want to annoy you with long downloads, but give you some brief information. Our newsletters come out irregularily, every time there are some interesting news. If you do not want to receive any more mailings from us, please tell us all the e-mail addresses you would like to have removed from our mailing list.

Kind regards

Your DYM team

Some basic information for anybody interested:

You have received this mail because we assume that you are interested in tango, salsa or Brazilian music. If this is not the case, please send us a short ìundescribeî reply.

We are a small company. Therefore, we do not own a programme which tells us the address our newsletter has been sent to. Thus, it is important that you tell us all possible addresses of yours, which received our newsletter. There are no robots working here but relatively normal persons. They will look for your address(es) and delete it. Unlike other more anonymous companies which use mailings but which do not offer a personal service to their clients, we are always open to your comments, questions and critique.

We send out newsletters for salsa and tango on an irregular basis. You can also receive them in German.

Possibly, you have received this welcome mailing before. This simply means that your address has reached our list of first contacts repeatedly. You can simply click ìdeleteî and the message disappears. We check our mailing list regularily in order to eliminate double entries (by the way: this also happens by hand...)

If you are looking for any information you cannot find on our website, we are happy to help you. We offer special prices and conditions to dancing teachers, dancing schools, DJs and private resellers.

If you should operate your own website, we can also exchange links with you.


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