DYM Latin and Tango News 03/10/02

Dear friends of Caribbean and South American Music!

The "Danza y Movimiento" CD productions are something we are proud of, indeed! We have been trying to produce CDs which cannot be found in that form for many years now. Quality and the aesthetic form is very important to us as well as the aspect of information of our customers. Our latest releases are:

Tango "Que Bonboncito - Tangos Instrumentales Vol. 2".

This is a real gem for all friends of instrumental tango. This CD presents three orchestras which were very well-known during the Golden Age of tango in Argentina, but which almost fell into oblivion later on. Julio de Caro together with the bandoneonist Pedro Maffia was one of the first bandleaders with a distinct personal style. The Orquesta TÌpica Brunswick is relatively unknown today. It was the in-house tango band of the record company TÌpica Brunswick. The orchestra only existed for three years until the label was wound up in 1932. The original recordings on hand were carefully remastered while taking care to preserve the charme of the Schellack culture.


Latin Vamos! The Box (10 CD)

A lot of people complain about the recent price increase everywhere, but in the case of this CD box you will be surprised in the most positive way! ìVamos!î The Box! is a collection of Latin hits which have become famous by artists like for example Ricky Martin, Oscar DíLeon, Juan Luis Guerra, Cecilia Cruz. 10 CDs, or 600 Minuten full of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggae and many other popular Latin rhythms. You will recognize one hit after the other and you will discover new and (still) unknown artists. This special sound experience can be purchased for the spectacular price of only 59,99 Euro. A special extra is the booklet which gives valuable information on Salsa and dance locations all over the world.


Have fun listening to the new CDs!

Your DYM - team

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