07.01.2010: Our travel highlights for March 2010

The new year has started and Cuba is calling more than ever! So, here is a short presentation of our travel highlights in Cuba for March.

For the period between the 5th and 20th of March, you can book an individual program in Cuba, with the possibility to take part in group activities and with the following as a main focus:

- digital photography
- salsa, yoga and meditation
- dealing with stress and burnout in Cuba
- salsa, movimiento and reggaeton
- drumming
- Spanish

The seperate programs are arranged for individuals or in small groups. At the same time, there are offers open to you regardless of which basic program you have booked. This includes going to the beach together, eating together, dancing or talking with Cubans.

You have many opportunities and alternatives in these two weeks to form your time in Cuba and you can also easily extend this time.

The offers "digital photography" and "dealing with stress and burnout in Cuba", deal with individually-tailored courses, next to which you can also participate in all the group activities which are offered during this time. These course are offered in German, English, Spanish and Italian!

For the focus on dance, you can find more information here:
Salsa and dance vacation in Cuba

If you are interested, please contact us through the contact form:

If you give us your telephone number, we can also gladly give you a call...

Warm regards,

Matthias and the DyM team

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