05.10.10: More travel news...

***Easter 2011 in Buenos Aires
***Easter 2011 in Havana
***Why book at all with a travel agent?
***Excursions in Argentina

After having pointed out our current travel deals for Cuba and Argentina two weeks ago, a few important changes and additions have since arisen.

***Easter 2011 in Buenos Aires
We have recalculated the program completely and the result is a considerably reduced price for all those who book now. And for those who have already booked, you receive credit for the difference - as we usually do with subsequent price reductions. More information here:
Argentina tango and yoga holiday, Easter 2011

***Easter in Havana
While glancing at our own website, it struck me that the deal for 999 euros for the complete group trip program is still there! OK, we'll let it stay for while longer. :-) It's only valid for as long as it's on the website, plus 24 hours after the price is changed. For more information:
Cuba salsa holiday, Easter 2011

***Why book at all with a travel agent?
Nowadays, it's much cheaper to puzzle together one's own package deal on the internet! Whoever wants to know why we are for some people superfluous and for others quite valuable can find this out in a blog entry with the title "Tango travel agents are superfluous!". What's written there is of course also valid for salsa trips...
Blog entry

***Excursions in Argentina
Our classic tours are still to Iguazu, the Northwest and Patagonia. We have new prices. Due to a change in the course of the tour we were able to reduce the price for the tour to the Northwest significantly. And here is an offer for all readers of this newsletter: Whoever books one of our tours in conjuction with one of our cultural deals for Spanish or dance in Buenos Aires or Montevideo receives the additional "tour" module with a rebate of 10%. This offer is only valid until 31.10.2010...

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