21.12.2010: Now here's some real news...

Unexpectedly, directly on the Winter solstice, just before Christmas and in the middle of all the hectic - a mail comes from "Danza y Movimiento"!

Just in case you want to approach Christmas and the New Year with a little more elation, we're giving you the chance, starting now, to get music delivered to you without having to wait. That's right, "downloading" is now being offered in our online shop, for over 2000 tracks - and that's just the beginning! Of course, one has to do a little bit of looking around among the more than 100,000 titles in our shop. We'll be offering a few tips and more info on this topic shortly. We can't do everything at once, but we're working on it. I would -proudly!- label our current download shop as an "advanced beta version".

Back to Christmas and New Years: on the CD to which the following link leads are titles like “El año viejo” or “Cantares en navidad” and a few more that fit perfectly to this time of year, and which melt the snow on the spot - at least in the living room.

Vamos! Vol. 7: Tropicalissimo

So much for now on the topic of our new download shop.

Don't worry, we still also have products to lay your hands on! Our employee Danel Cove has a few things to say about some new CDs:

Ah, the wonderful diversity of tango!

1. Sabor a Tango and New Tango Orquesta
2. A Local Jewel: Flutterband Trio
3. DVD: Argentina, a Musical Journey

The three CDs briefly reviewed here in the newsletter represent part of the wide spectrum of (acoustic) tango music, especially in its capacity for being mixed with other types of music. Tango has the rather pronounced characteristic of taking in other styles and directions without losing itself or becoming overpowered and losing its recognisability, i.e. its emotional power.

Sabor a Tango's "Made in Berlin" shows us the 'pure' side, the core, of tango: traditional music, traditional orchestra - but with decidedly modern, dynamic interpretations and energy.

New Tango Orquestas "The Kiev Concert" takes smaller and larger excursions into current jazz music and modern classical. Improvisation and playfullness are delightfully audible.

Flutterband Trio brings together a rather rare mixture of tango and barock music, especially the (violin!) music of Bach.

In detail:

1. Sabor a Tango and New Tango Orquesta

Sabor a Tangos "Made in Berlin" and New Tango Orquestas "The Kiev Concert" are grouped here together because they share a few interesting characteristics. Firstly, they are both live recordings, and both of concerts in 2008. But they are both new in our shop on account of their superb audio quality, as well as their musical content. We can listen to music and musicians of a high calibre, playing with a freshness and intensity, that is indeed otherwise only heard live. One wishes one had been there - and these CDs take you pretty close!

Sabor a Tango, "Made in Berlin"

New Tango Orquesta, "The Kiev Concert"

2. A Local Jewel: Flutterband Trio

Now and again we reveal our 'physical' location. I recently received this CD, "Bach Tunes and Free Tango" from one of the musicians in the Flutterband Trio - he also lives in Hamburg. This is actually a rare experience in the daily flow of buying an selling CDs here. I promptly listened to the CD and recognized immediately that I don't need any superficial 'city loyalty' to stand behind it: this is a difficult, rare, but successful experiment in style and epoch blending, namely of tango and barock music. The violin music of Bach is taken here as the template and fitted with -among other things!- tango rhythms, modern harmonies and a nice portion of humor and profoundness.

Flutterband Trio, "Bach Tunes and Free Tango"

3. DVD: Argentina, a Musical Journey

Whoever wants to just dream a little and maybe get themselves or someone else enthusiastic about this rich, beautiful country can get started with this DVD: video footage of Argentinas most beautiful spots, accompanied by the unmistakable music this country's culture has produced.

Argentina, a Musical Journey (DVD)

Best regards and season's greetings!

Matthias and Danel

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