08.06.10: Argentina - old and new delights!

1. Gardel and Piazzolla - two new compilations
2. Hugo Diaz - an 'old' compilation

1. Gardel and Piazzolla - two new compilations

Two new CDs 'fresh' from Argentina have just arrived. They are both new compliations of known pieces from 2 Tango legends: Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla.

"Las Voces del Tango" presents a very nice selection of Gardel's skills and pleases the listener through achieving exactly that goal of such a collection: many of the best works of an artist brought together in one place, in one CD. Nothing 'new' but well-known pieces for an altogether satisfying musical experience.

The same is true of "Maestros del Tango": a great selection of Piazzolla's original compositions, interpreted by the master himself. Whoever is looking for a 'best of' album of these Argentinian cultural icons is in the right place.

Here are the links:

Las Voces del Tango: Especial Carlos Gardel

Maestros del Tango: Especial Astor Piazzolla

2. Hugo Diaz - an 'old' compilation

And as long as we're talking about Argentinian 'cultural icons', I would like to point your attention to 2 CDs from 2009: "Hugo Diaz, Antologia". Volume 1 and 2 both have 2 CDs and present the musical activities of this harmonica virtuoso in the years 1952-53 and 1954-57 respectively. The fan of Diaz' tango recordings won't, however, find much here: these albums, or rather the focus of Diaz' work in those years, concentrate on folk music. But his brilliance and world-wide acclaimed artistry are definitely to be heard!

Hugo Diaz, Antologia Vol.1

Hugo Diaz, Antologia Vol.2

Best regards from Hamburg!

Danel Cove
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