23.03.10: New Latin-American CDs / Tango Trip to Buenos Aires

1. New CDs: Bachata, Son, Salsa
2. Registration deadline for the tango trip in September!

1. New CDs: Bachata, Son, Salsa

It's been a while since our Latin-American music fans have received a newsletter devoted exclusively to new Latin-American music and this mail is certainly a little thin, but full of high-quality content! All of the CDs here are without exception exceptional and from well-known and proven artists.

I'm slowly working my way to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Latin music in general and am grateful to experienced DyM customers for any tips on new CDs which we should definitely have in the catalogue. Contact me and let me know.

And now, to the music!

- Bachata

The latest CD from:

Frank Reyes, "Sigue tu vida"
Frank Reyes, Sigue tu vida

Anthony Santos, "Un muerto vivo"
Anthony Santos, Un muerto vivo

And a great compilation: Super Bachata 2010
Super Bachata 2010

- Son and Salsa

The newest album from son king Pancho Amat, "Yo traigo un son"
Pancho Amat, Yo traigo un son

High-class salsa von la-33. "Ten cuidado".
la-33, Ten cuidado

2. Registration deadline for the tango trip in September!

Argentina - Tango, Yoga and more: 18.09. - 02.10.

There are now exactly six days for you to think about whether you want to take part in the trip to Buenos Aires with Susanna. Tango, yoga and meditation in a small oasis in the middle of the city, in the warm southern hemisphere. Why decide now? Simple: we have until the 30th of March to deliver a definite confirmation to our one-of-a-kind guesthouse in Buenos Aires. So, if you are interested in this trip, we need a binding commitment from you before the end of the month. Of course, you don't need to have already booked a flight. More information here:

Buenos Aires Tango trip

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Greetings from Hamburg!

Danel (music) und Matthias (travel)

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