26.05.2011: Recommendations for Tango and Salsa

1. Bassa - medialuna
2. Ranas - El Limonero Real
3. Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Viva La Tradicion
4. Edwin Bonilla – Homenaje a los Rumberos

1. Bassa – medialuna

With "medialuna" the Quintett from Berlin unfolds its own particular style: tangomondo, an interesting and harmonious blend of balkan, flamenco, klezmer, oriental sounds und a bit of bossa and jazz. This impressive plurality is tied together by the melancholic melodies of tango, whose different facettes permeate the whole album and combine the songs into a musically precise and light-footed work of art.
In this way bassa elegantly defies stylistic categorization and convinces us in an extremely charming manner with their own adeptness.

Difficult to classify, easy to enjoy!

bassa - medialuna

2. Ranas – El Limonero Real

On their second album, the two porteños once more present magnificent arrangements of well-known classics complemented by two of their own songs and even a guest appearance by the singer Lidia Borda! Their repertoire includes many traditional tangos, like "La Puñalada", "Viejo Ciego", or "Loca", as well as an accomplished interpretation of Piazzolla.
But what makes this album particularly worth listening to is the peculiar, sophisticated style Ranas develop. As a result, even their version of the probably best-known tango, "La Cumparsita", becomes a surprise - in the most positive sense of the word!

Ranas – El Limonero Real

3. Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Viva La Tradicion

¡La Salsa Brava Llegó!

If you sart your album with such an exclamation, you trigger off tremendous expectations...
And these are easily met by the energetic fourth album of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra!
Just as the title already tells us, these exceptional artists pay a stylistic tribute to their musical ancestors – Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Compay Segundo and others who made Latin music famous – culminating in a whole song devoted to them: "Mi Herencia Latina". From this point the Orchestra traces an utterly danceable arc to the present, refined with a good portion of jazz improvisation as can be expected from an experienced Latin orchestra!

¡Una hora pa‘ gozar!

Spanish Harlem Orchestra – Viva La Tradicion

4. Edwin Bonilla – Homenaje a los Rumberos

This album is tailor-made for all party animals!  This is due to the typical focus on rhythm, which we have come to expect from Edwin Bonilla. The stunning piano montunos and impulsive brass sections also contribute to the must-dance feeling this music creates! Between thrilling salsas, some sons establish a more relaxed ambiance so that all rumberos still have energy to keep on dancing after the nine, mostly self-composed tracks.
With a variety of guest musicians, the percussionist from Miami delivers a complete package which will  inevitably make your feet move! Perfect for the club night or the warm up at home!

Edwin Bonilla – Homenaje a los Rumberos

Best regards from Hamburg!
Jannek and the DyM-Team

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