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On we go with the presentation of our latest downloads! ...which of course are also available as CD!
You can find them all among our "download news" (mp3/FLAC)!

This time it's all about guitar sounds from: 

1. Steffan Grasse
2. Joel Xavier
3. Flamenco

1. Steffan Grasse

Five albums we got for you from this superb jazz and classic guitarist!:
Besides interpretations of Piazzolla songs, he performs on "Adios Nonino" (mp3/FLAC) without any Bandoneon but with ingenious guitar solos, grasses passion seems to be Iberian and tropical Latino-Grooves.
"Para um Sorriso" (mp3/FLAC) shows him as connoisseur and maestro of Brasilian music. "Tierra del Sur" (mp3/FLAC) delivers the same sunny-friendly feeling but has got a bit more pace! The picture of sunny beaches and dancers on the sand is completed by his latest album "Brisas de Mar" (mp3/FLAC), on which Grasse reveals his whole versatility: Son Samba, Bossa, Tango, Flamenco and Vals!!!

Musically a bit more experimental and very artistic is the album "Echoes of a City" (mp3/FLAC) which is a musical portrait of Nuremberg.

2. Joel Xavier...

...is a grandiose young jazz guitar player form Lisbon. but jazz is not at all the only thing he's up to!
Stepping up to "release Jazz from it's intellectual dead-end" (Booklet) and make it palatable for a broader audience, he scintillates in a Duet whit the bassist and Jazz-Veteran Ron Carter "In New York" (mp3/FLAC) as well as on the live-album "Savará" (mp3/FLAC), on which he melts together elements of Fado, Brasilian music (as Samba, Capoeira, Candomblé...) and even the tradition of lusophone Africa. A wonderful sound experience!

3. Flamenco

When it comes to guitar sounds, flamenco can't be missed!

This ardent, vavacious music from the south of the Iberian peninsula is represented among our downloads by Miguel Iven, Michio and Vicente Soto "Sordera".

Miguel Iven, born in Hamburg, has - what a surprise - many years of his life time in Granada and Sevilla where he perfected his guitar skills. He shows us two very different sides of flamenco: On "Flamenco de Solera y Crianza" (mp3/FLAC) he plays it only with guitar accompanied by decent percussion: puristic, emotional and sincere!
On "Flamenco entre Amigos" (mp3/FLAC) he moves playfully through a greater variety of styles and instruments! Besides cello and castañuelas, sax and singer you can even hear a child's laughter - but of course the very centre is Ivens guitar, impressive and powerful!

With Michio Woirgardt comes another virtuoso who combines filigree guitar skills temperament, solemness, rhythm and passion athmospherically on two albums full of finest flamenco!!! Plus: Michio knows how to create melodies that will stay in your ear!
Michio - así nada más (Download mp3/FLAC)
Michio - Moros y Cristianos (Download mp3/FLAC)

While Michios and Ivens music is only temporarily rounded off by vocals, the voice is the basic ingredient for Vicente Soto "Sordera"! Few people can deliver the throaty, powerful flamenco chant as "Sordera" does! He sings as if he put all his heart and soul into the music - and he probably does! And at the same time he harmonizes wittily with the guitar!
Vicente Soto "Sordera" - eStar Alegre (Download mp3/FLAC)

That's it for this week... in the next week we are going to complete the presentation of our download news with (among others) some musical pearls of the Portuguese-tropical world!

Best regards from Hamburg!
and the DyM-Team

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