29.09.2011: Salsa is Back!

At last! After some extensive delivery delays the new salsa and Latin CDs we were desperately waiting for have finally arrived!!!

So this is what you can look forward to:

1. Jose Alberto "el Canario": Original

2. Fania: Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa)

3. Tiempo Libre: My Secret Radio

4. los mejores ... 2011

5. And even more...

1. Jose Alberto "el Canario": Original (Limited Edition)

He did let us wait for a looong time! But then suddenly we got news from one of THE super stars of Salsa! "El Canario" seems to have built up a lot of energy in all the years since his last album - energy which he now releases all at once through the latest album "Original - Limited Edition"! Wicked! Especially awesome are "La Calle" (Track 2) with funky slap bass, ingenious syncopations, beautiful montunos and a self-contagious melody! My second favourite: "Canario Mambo Mix" (Track 8). The name says it all: it's not just one song but a true deluge of mambo - and it's really got power!
But these two tracks are not too far away from the average level of the album because the entire work, "Original - Limited Edition", is absolutely outstanding. Convince yourself:
Jose Alberto "el Canario": Original (Limited Edition)

2. Fania: Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa)

What a package! The 40th anniversary of the documentary "Our Latin Thing" is reason enough to release a limited edition DVD joined by two CDs of the Fania All Stars with live recordings from back then in the New York Cheetah Club. This Special Edition Box leads us back to Spanish Harlem 1972 directly to the stepping stone from which salsa was vaulted to world-wide fame. This is a piece of salsa-history that you really shouldn't miss!!!
Fania: Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa)

3. Tiempo Libre: My Secret Radio

As adolescents the guys of Tiempo Libre built a "secret radio" to be able to receive on the Cuban island the then forbidden American music from Miami radio stations: from the King of Pop, and Earth Wind & Fire to Gloria Estefan. These formative years have now been molded into 12 marvelous songs by the musicians who are currently living in the States. Besides the already-mentioned influences, they include the Cuban sound from the late 70's as well as modern elements... 'cause Tiempo Libre don't live in the past. Rather they combine creatively and groove themselves and their listeners into an extremely sublime mood!
Tiempo Libre: My Secret Radio

By the way: "My Secret Radio" is already the 5th album of Tiempo Libre. Here you can find even more music extraordinarily worthwile listening to!

4. los mejores ... 2011

The current year has already seen a whole lot of super hits! Some of the best ones are compiled on "los mejores...
...de la salsa 2011"
...del marengue 2011" and
...de la bachata 2011"

Check it out!

5. And even more...

...gorgeous music from great artists we cannot rhapsodize about in more detail due to reasons of space:

Olga Tañon: Ni Una Lagrima Más

Tito Rojas: independiente

Jerry Rivera: el amor existe

Luis Enrique: Soy Y Seré

and Willy Chirino with Latin Versions of some of the greatest Beatles Hits on: My Beatles Heart

And that should be sufficient for the time being. At least enough to take the late summer feeling with us into autumn and winter... now that is not to say that you'll have to wait till spring for the next salsa news ;-)

Best regards from Hamburg!
and the DyM-Team

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