19.07.2011: Siguiendo "Tango Classics"

This is the third Round of our "Tango Classics" Series!
And again we dug out some carefully selected gems, rarities and well known classics from one of the largest European tango archives, polished them a bit and made them available for you as downloads on 29 albums!!

This time we proudly present:
1. Carlos Figari
2. Rodolfo Biagi
3. Francisco Canaro y Carlos Roldán
4. Roberto Firpo
5. Osvaldo Pugliese
6. Anibal Troilo

1. Figari
The new selection starts with two albums of the virtuous pianist Figaro and his often clearly accentuated tangos form the second half of the 1950ies. Most of the 20 tracks are refined by the smooth and mellow voice of Enrique Dumas.
Figari: "A la parilla" und "Tanguera" (mp3- and FLAC-Download)

2. Biagi
The next step is made by six compilations on which we can enjoy the brilliant and unique phrasings of Rodolfo Biagi in many of his famous tongs. Among these are for example "Yuyo Verde", "Adios Pampa Mia", "Flor de Montserat", "Café de los Angelitos", "La Viruta" and many more!
On these albums Biagi is accompanied by Jorge Ortíz, Alberto Amor, Carlos Saavedra and Carlos Acuña.
Rodolfo Biagi for mp3- and FLAC-Download
More Biagi for Download

3. Canaro y Roldán
Francisco Canaro honors us with his sonorous, complex tangos that carry you away like a wave, on four albums altogether. These albums are all about his successes with Carlos Roldán - although I have to admit that quite a few were unknown to me previously. So checking them out should be worth it in any case!
Francisco Canaro and Carlos Roldán (mp3- and FLAC-Download)

4. Firpo
A comapratively small selection we have in this round of Roberto Firpo… But in this case it is clearly quality over quantity! On two compilations we are enchanted by Firpo's wonderful melodious tangos from the beginning of the 1930ies. Among these "Dolor de Preso", "El Desquite", "Pobre Huerfanita" and "Que te han hecho los Muchachos".
Firpo: "Lo mismo que ayer" and "Que te han hecho los muchachos" (mp3- and FLAC-Download)

5. Pugliese
An extremely extensive collection of impressive tracks is provided to you this time of Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese's! No less than new 102 songs you can find ini our exclusive download series!!!
To illustrate this huge amount a little further some examples may be helpful:
We could Start for instance with "Milonga de mi Tierra", on which you can find deeply touching songs like "El Dia de tu ausencia", "Tu Cassa ya no está" (Vals) und "El Tango es una historia" (sung by Roberto Chanel) framed by the eponymous milonga and an awesome instrumental version of "Jueves".
Pugliese: "Milonga de mi tierra" (mp3- and FLAC-Download)

Or "Mamita", which is an accumulation of paragons of the unique 'Estilo Pugliese'. Alongside Jorge Marciel also Ricardo Medina Interpret several tangos: Two singers whose voices could hardly be more distinct. And this fact indeed makes the compilation pleasingly diverse! here you can also find "La cumparsita" as a duet by Maciel and Carlos Guido.
Pugliese: "Mamita" for mp3- and FLAC-Download

On "Que nunca me falte" some of the most beautiful songs are assembled, that Pugliese recorded with Alberto Morán. For example the wonderful valises "La Noche que me esperes" and Monos adoradas", or "Ahora me conocés" and of course "Que nunca me falte".
Pugliese: "Que nunca me falte" (mp3- and FLAC-Download)

And last Butt not least "Caminito soleado" could be named, which includes among others the really powerful tangos "San José de flores", "La ultima Opa", "No quiero perderte" und "Mi lamento".
Pugliese: "Caminito soleado" for mp3- and FLAC-Download

The other eight albums which I could not refer to in more detail for reasons of space, are of course equally worth listening to!
Here you can find all 12 compilations of Pugliese:
Osvaldo Pugliese - "Tango Classics" for mp3- und FLAC-Download

6. Troilo
Finally there are three albums of Anibal Troilo, with throughout recommendable instrumentals - which is not really a surprise considering the genius of Troilo! Part of this compilation are amazing recordings of "La Maleva", "Clique", Quejas de bandoneon", "De pura cepa" (one of my favorite milongas), "Un placer" and "Tres y dos", just to mention a few. So, check it out:
Anibal Troilo for mp3- und FLAC-Download

Here you can find the whole "Tango Calssics" Series:
"Tango Classics" Series - mp3- and FLAC-Download

And don't forget: for ten and more tracks you'll get a 10% discount and for fifty tracks and above even 20%!!!

Best regards from Hamburg!
and the DyM-Team

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