Winners and salsafestival

Dear friends of Latin American music culture!

Welcome to the club! We are always delighted with the many positive reactions we get regarding our CD catalogue and our travel offers. Especially when visiting our homepage for the first time, people are amazed. This makes us very happy and we gladly try to give more impulse to them by a few salsa, samba, or tango beats.

Just like any other month, there are some giveaways. A short time ago, I announced that from now on, every month, one of the persons who writes a review for our internet shop, will have the chance to choose one of our label CDs. In June, Hans Peter Salzer from Weingarten/ Germany hit the jackpot with his review of the tango CD by Donato. This is his review:

(If the link should be too long to copy it directly, please put the parts back together yourself in your browser...!)

This is the exclusive link for Hans Peter Salzer, so that he can select his CD:

By the way, you can write your review in any of the five webshop languages. We simply apply a little flag, thus all the potential readers will know whether it is an Englisch, French, Italian, Spanish or German review...

The winners of the June raffle, among all the recipients of our newsmail who own their own account in our shop (no obligation to purchase) are:

A. Meister - Fiquepron from Hannover J. Raab from Regensburg R. Rubio from Hamburg

Congratulations, and please reply soon and let us know if you prefer a tango or a salsa CD!

Don’t forget: There is a huge salsa festival this weekend in Hamburg! More than 600 confirmed applications, more than 1400 people every night. Naturally, “Danza y Movimiento” will be there, too! Meet us at the stall in the “Curiohaus” or even better: Visit our shop in the centre of Hamburg during our special festival opening hours! There will be surprises in the shop for the festival participants. You will get more information on the flyers, which will be handed out at the different events.

Hasta pronto Matthias Möbius

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