Salsa - Newsmail from 23rd of August

Dear friends of Latin American music and culture!

Actually, Switzerland is not really one of the countries which are instantly linked to a hot, Caribbean flair. But probably we have to think again now. What happens if Cubans, Colombians, Peruvians, Argentinians, Brazilians, Chileans, Swiss people and Italians meet in the baeutiful country in the mountains? They form a salsa band called Mercadonegro and they earn international recognition. The musicians have already performed by famous Latin artist, such as Carlos Santana, José Alberto el Canario, Celia Cruz or Alfredo de la Fe, and they have participated in various internatinal festivals. They mainly play salsa but you will also find elements of cumbia, Latin jazz, son and rap. This is an exciting mix and perfect for the dancefloor. Try it: gives you more information on the band.

We have drawn your attention on our very popular page of special offers before. Our customers are happy about the large number of good and low-priced CDs we offer. The disadvantage of the large quantity is, that the page gets a bit confusing, if you are looking for a particular music genre. This is why we have made a preselection for you. The package contains 5 top low-priced CD of one genre for a special (even cheaper!) package price. This is our first offer for salsa fans:

Package: Salsa from Colombia 1 (5 CDs)

Pasión Juvenil

New York City Boyz

Los Nemus del Pacífico

Gabino Pampini

Jorge Leo

The price for the package is 29,99 Euro.

We can only ship those CDs while stocks last. Should one CD or more CDs be out of stock, we offer you another low-price CD. The shipment costs stay the same, and the CDs cannot be returned. If you order by internet, the “normal” price will be indicated. Don’t worry, we will still charge you the package price. Please enter the name of the package in the space for “commentaries” (in this case “Package: Salsa from Colombia 1”).

Many regards

Your DYM - team

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